Tannehill: I Definitely Think I Am Improving

Posted Jul 31, 2013

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill speaks with reporters and discusses why he feels that there's been "tremendous improvement" in the team's passing game since the beginning of training camp.

(On if he’s concerned some of his wide receivers have been injured the last few days) –“No, I’m not concerned. I think that those guys will be back when they’re ready. I know the young guys stepped up and made plays when they’re in there, it’s an exciting time for guys that aren’t able to go with the (first group) usually, they’re getting to step up and see what they can do.”

(On who has he has liked out of the young wide receivers) – “Yea I think Marvin’s (McNutt) the guy who’s been consistent for us, in practice, stepped up and made some catches in the scrimmage the other night. Like you said, Chad Bumphis is another guy who, not only caught the ball, but then had some run after the catch as well.”

(On if the new additions at wide receiver change the dynamic) – “I don’t think so, not yet at least. We’ll start working those guys in as we move along. As of right now I haven’t gotten to throw with them yet, so I haven’t had any time with them.”

(On how he’s progressed in training camp and what he thinks of his performance in training camp) –“I definitely think I am improving, and that’s what you want to do. You want to come out here, improve every day, learn from your mistakes, don’t make the same mistake twice. I think, not only myself but the quarterbacks in general, we’re doing that. Have we made some mistakes, yes, have we made some bad throws, yes, but we’re improving, just getting more in tune with our guys, more in tune with all the adjustments that we make. I think you can go back and watch day one practice to today’s practice, there’s been tremendous improvement.”

(On why he’s been efficient in training camp and last few days) – “I’m just trying to take care of the ball, make good decisions, get the ball out on time. And the guys around me are playing great as well, so you can’t attribute it to me, you’ve got to attribute it to the offensive line giving me time and the receivers making plays.”

(On the fact that he is performing with a rotating offensive line and WR roster) – “Yeah, and hats off to them, I think it shows that, even if our starters aren’t in there, the guys are able to step up in when they get the chance and make plays.”

(On what the impact of the injuries are on him) – “Well injuries are a part of football, whether they come up now, or whether they come up in week 12, someone’s going to get injured throughout the year that is just the nature of the beast. To have some time right in early camp to be able to spend with our four and five receivers, are guys who aren’t usually getting the reps. I think it’s a good thing for us, I think it’s going to play beneficial to later in the year. Maybe someone gets dinged up and we’re able to bump them up, and we’ve spent some time together.”

(On how he thinks he’s jelling with receivers) – “I think we’re coming along great, I think that everyday there’s been progression, everyday we’re getting to know each other more and more, getting to know the offense, getting to know the routes. I think it’s an exciting time for us.”

(On how he would appraise the offensive line) – “I think they’re doing a great job, like I said there’s a couple guys banged up. There shifting around, a couple new faces bumping in while John’s (Jerry) out, moving Mike (Pouncey) over to guard a little bit, put (Josh) Samuda in at guard as well. They’ve done a good job at handling adversity, handling the change and just preparing for whatever is going to happen, you never know what’s going to happen. Same thing with receivers, when you’re able to work early in camp, a little bit of change up on the offense line, I think it’s good.”

(On what he looks for from himself Sunday night in Canton) – “Well we want to move the ball and score points. I think that’s the ultimate job of a quarterback is to get your team in the end zone and put points on the board. I want to take care of the ball, get first downs, and score points.”

(On how much he expects to play on Sunday) – “I haven’t been told any kind of hint of what I’m going to play, so you’re going to have to ask Coach Philbin on that one.”

(On if he’s been told he would play) – “I haven’t been told anything, so ask Coach Philbin.”

(On how much he leans on Matt Moore and in what ways) - “I think Matt’s a good asset to this team, he’s a great guy to have in the room. A veteran guy who’s been around a long time, and we’re able to bounce ideas off each other in the quarterback room when we’re watching film. He’s a guy that’s going to be consistent, out here on the practice field and in the room so he’s a huge asset for us.”

(On how different his approach is going to be in preseason knowing he’s the starter) – “Well like I said, I want to take care of the ball, move the ball and put points on the board. You’re using this time to prepare for the regular season, obviously full defensive packages aren’t going to be show early on, our full offensive package isn’t going to be shown early on. It’s just really a time to fine tune things, and you have your base package that you should be able to do really well. I think that’s what it’s going to be a matchup of, base offense versus base defense and who has details to execute it.”

(On if he grew up as a Cowboys fan in Texas) - “I didn’t really, I remember having a Cowboys little uniform, when I was 2 or 3 (years old), other than that I wasn’t really a huge Cowboys fan.”

(On if he’s talked to Brian Hartline about playing in Fawcett Stadium) – “Yeah, we just talked about it this morning actually. He said going back to the home stadium, high school stadium, so I think it’s kind of fun for him, at this point in his career to be able to go back and play where he played in high school. I think it’ll be a lot of fun for us, only two teams a year get to play in this game, get to take a trip as a team to the Hall of Fame, so I think it’ll be a lot of fun.”

(On if he’s ever been there before) – “I went last year with the rookie symposium so, we went there as a group, I guess it’ll be my second time in two years.”

(On if it will be exciting to play in the very first game of the NFL season) – “Yeah, I think it’s exciting, like I said it’s a good thing for this team to be able to get an extra week of work in, get a lot of guys some reps, maybe that wouldn’t be able to get as many reps, if we only had 4 preseason games. I think it’s very crucial for our team to use this time wisely.”
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