Tannehill: I'm Excited Where The Team Is At This Point

Posted Aug 26, 2013

Tannehill holds his weekly session with reporters to answer questions about the team's passing game as the unit integrates Brandon Gibson and Mike Wallace into the attack this preseason. Make sure to listen for Tannehill's in-depth response when asked about the team's play in the redzone on Saturday.

(On how early he puts the visor on this week) – “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask coach about that one. I don’t usually wear a visor, though. I just usually wear a normal hat.”

(On if Brandon Gibson in the slot becomes more of a safety blanket target with Dustin Keller out)– “Yes, he’s been coming a long ways for us. He’s kind of new to this (because) he didn’t play in the slot last year, so he’s learned a lot, come a long way since the spring and continuously getting better. You can see him just getting more comfortable running the routes and really did a great job getting open. That’s what we brought him here to do, win in the slot for us. I think he’s going to do that all year.”

(On if Brandon Gibson becomes a bigger target without Dustin Keller) –“He’s a weapon. I don’t know about bigger target. I can’t say any of that. I know he is a weapon, and we plan to use him.”

(On how he would evaluate where he is right now) – “I’m just continuing to work to get better. I’m not where I want to be at the end of the year, but I’m excited where I’m at and where the team is at this point. We want to work to get better every day and use every opportunity we can, but the work is not done. We are still working to get better.”

(On how much better he can be compared to last year) – “A lot better. It’s hard to quantify. There are so many instances where I can be better than last year, and I feel I have worked to improve those areas all offseason heading into this year.”

(On seeing other rookie quarterbacks going to Pro Bowl and if it adds pressure) – “No. I’m a fan of the game. I enjoy watching those guys, and they did a great job last year. It’s not something where there is any more pressure or anything like that. I just try to control what I can control and do everything I can to be a better quarterback to help this team win. At the end of the day that’s what I’m here to do, to help this team win.”

(On if seeing rookie quarterback success as motivation) – “My motivation is winning. That’s the only motivation I need.”

(On how he feels playing in the final preseason game given what has happened to fellow quarterbacks in the division) – “It’s up to coach. It’s totally his call. If he calls my name, I’ll be ready to go. It’s totally up to coach. If he gives me the opportunity, then we will take advantage of it. If not, we will practice hard and try to help the other guys as much as we can.”

(On what he saw on play where he pump-faked toward Wallace that caused him to hold back the throw) – “We had a double-move called on that play. He got pushed out of bounds on his double-move. I saw him widen out of bounds, and I don’t want to waste a throw. So I brought it down to the check down (receiver). There is not a whole lot that’s going to take you off of that, either a safety over the top, the corner stays really high or he gets pushed out of bounds. That’s about it.”

(On what will be the biggest difference in the passing game this year formation wise) – “We have a few more weapons I guess on the outside. We wouldn’t be able to utilize those guys. We brought in Mike Wallace for a reason. We want to get him downfield. We want to get him the ball. We retained (Brian) Hartline and signed (Brandon) Gibson. We have a lot of guys we want to be able to get the ball to. Now it’s just about fine-tuning all the things throughout camp and the preseason and carrying all the things we think will win.”

(On how he feels in the division considering setbacks the Bills and Jets recently suffered) – “Those things don’t concern us. We just control we can control here. We don’t worry what happens outside of this building, outside of what we control. Things are going to happen to us and things are going to happen to other teams. If you start worrying about that, then you are going to get wrapped up in a lot of things you don’t need to.”

(On if he is working a lot with the tight ends in practice after the way they played the other day) – “It’s constant work with everybody, not only the tight ends but everyone. We were just a hair off on a couple of things with Charles (Clay), and we’ll get them fixed. We talked about it. We watched the film and got everything cleaned up. I think we are good to go.”

(On what he thinks Charles Clay struggled with the most during the game) – “I don’t think he struggled. I think the (throw) down the middle the defensive back made a great diving play and got his hand in there. It looks bad. It looks like (Clay) dropped it, but in all actuality the defensive back made a great play to get his hand in there. You know (Clay) brings a lot of good things to the table, and we will utilize those.”

(On scoring in the redzone and what the best way to do it given with what the team has right now) – “I think we have the running backs who can run in the redzone. Daniel (Thomas) is a big guy who runs hard. We didn’t do a good job of it on Saturday, and that’s one thing we came away with that we want to look at right away. What did we not do well down in the redzone running the ball and throwing the ball? We saw what we did wrong where we made our mistakes. It’s tight down there. Guys are coming downhill quick, and you have to be great with your aiming points and great with landmarks to get downhill quickly. That will be something we will work on as well as completing the passes we have. We had two chances where if I throw a little bit better of a ball (then) we have a touchdown. At the end of the day even if we are not running the ball getting touchdowns from the six-yard line, we had two great shots at the endzone where if I throw a little bit better of a ball down the middle to Gibson and Hartline on the other end, we have touchdowns coming away with 21 points at halftime.”