Tannehill: I'm Looking Forward To Playing On Monday Night

Posted Sep 25, 2013

Ryan Tannehill holds his weekly press conference to answer questions from reporters about his strong start to the 2013 season and his ability to excel in the fourth quarter and in the red zone thus far.

(On how he feels about holding on to the ball too long during game) – “The one early in the game, the first drive, I definitely held the ball too long. It wasn’t playing out down field the way we thought it was going to, and I didn’t get rid of the ball in a situation I should have, so that one was definitely on me. There was also some times when the coverage’s were just great down field, and I just wasn’t able to get the ball off, so I think it’s a combination of sometimes holding the ball too long and sometimes the other team doing a good job.”

(On if he feels he needs to do more versus the Saints due to their offense) – “I don’t think so, it goes game by game, obviously if they’re scoring a lot of points during the game, we’re going to have to pick up our offense and put a lot of points on the board. It’s not something where we go into the game and say, ‘Hey we have to score x amount of points to win this game’, we obviously want to score as much as we can every game, but it depends game by game. If the situation calls for it, then you’re going to have to score a lot of points.”

(On what happens in the 4th quarter that makes his team have success) – “I think it’s an all-around effort. I think guys are comfortable in the system now, being our second year here. Everyone understands that it’s crunch time and it’s kind of do or die. Either we make a play and hang in this game to win, or we let it slip us by. I think last year we let situations slip by us a lot more than we should have. Coming into this year that was one of the points of emphasis of Coach Philbin, which was ‘Hey we need to make plays when it counts in the 4th quarter, end of the 2nd quarter and the end of the 2nd half as well. We rep it a lot, we get a lot of practice of it in the offseason in camp, we’ve done a good job at this point.”

(On what changes when you lead a late 4th quarter drive for a touchdown) – “Not a lot changes, we’re excited to get the win, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve been a part of, just to be able to go down get the win at the end. I know when I came off to the sideline I was exhausted after that drive. Not a lot changes, we’re excited about being able to do that, but it’s week three, we’re on to the next week and (we) have a big game this week.”

(On how it feels, as a child people dream about this moment) – “Yeah of course, as a quarterback you want the ball in your hands in the end with the chance to win at the end of the game. We were able to execute this last week, but we have a lot of weeks to go so we’re going to have to do it again at some point in the year.”

(On if he was surprised at how calm he was, or if he expected that of himself) – “I expect to be calm, if you’re out there panicked, then you’re going to give panic to everyone else. You have to be in control of the situation, be confident in the guys around you, and I think that’s the biggest thing. I was confident in the protection, they did a great job of keeping guys off and giving me time to throw, and guys were getting open and making big catches down field.”

(On leading the NFL in red-zone touchdown percentage, why he thinks that is the case) – “I don’t know the specific reason, but we practice it a lot, we put a lot of emphasis on it and we know we want to score touchdowns when we get down in the red-zone. If you kick a lot of field goals, you’re giving up four points a time, is the way we look at it. We put a lot of emphasis on getting in the end zone, putting seven points on the board whenever we can, we understand it’s not always going to happen, but we want to have a high percentage of that.”

(On if he was quicker to tuck and run last year, and if it’s a second thought now compared to last year) – “I think last year I was quick to escape. (I was) not hanging in there quite as long, not trusting the protection, trusting down field, trusting your eyes and escaping the pocket, moving out to my right most of the time, and then you cut the field in half. So then you really limit yourself that way. Something I worked on this offseason is really hanging in there and keeping my eyes downfield. “

(On the contributions wide receiver Rishard Matthews and what he means to the offense) – “It’s huge, he came in at a critical time, made a big 3rd down catch for us on the right sideline, I believe in the 3rd quarter. Then on the last drive came in and made some big catches for us. To be able to have him be a part of our offense, kind of integrate him a little bit, and he’s making plays.”

(On how it will feel to play on Monday Night Football) – “It’s exciting, I’ve never been a part of it obviously, so it’s something I’m looking forward to. It’s going to be a tough environment, expecting a really deafening crowd in New Orleans. We’re going to have to be good, we’re going to have to be crisp with our communication, confident in what we do and just play our game.”

(On how concerned he is about the sacks that he’s taken) – “Well obviously you don’t want to be taking sacks, that’s a negative part of the game and you don’t want to be on the ground. I’m not concerned with it, I’m not thinking about it as I’m back there. The situations where I need to get the ball out of my hands obviously I need to correct and either get the ball out or tuck it up and get back to the line of scrimmage as best I can. It’s not something we’re happy about right now, it’s something we’re looking at, we’re working on, but I’m not concerned with it, I have confidence in the guys in front of me. They’re getting better, I’m hopefully getting better at the same time and we’ll hopefully see those numbers go down.”

(On what he can do to improve pocket presence awareness) – “Some situations like that, where your feet are telling you to get rid of the ball, get rid of the ball. There’s going to be some situations where you’re not able to, and they get on you pretty quick. The situations where you do have a nice pocket, you are able to step up, but you’re sitting there, hitching and patting the ball, that’s the situations where you need to either try to run through or just thrown the ball away and live for another day.”

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