Tannehill: It's A Big Game For Us

Posted Oct 29, 2013

Ryan Tannehill holds his weekly press conference and discusses the changes to the team's wide receiver group following the season-ending injury sustained by Brandon Gibson in Sunday's game against the Patriots.

(On chemistry he has with Rishard Matthews) – “Yeah, he’s done well the times he’s gotten in this year so far. Going back to the Atlanta game when he got in a little bit during a big drive, he’s gotten in a few other times. We expect him to step in and make some plays for us.”

(On biggest differences between Rishard Matthews and Brandon Gibson) – “He’s our most physical receiver, physical off the line and able to go up and use strong hands to catch a ball higher. I think you saw that down the left sideline on the last game. It didn’t get called a catch, but went up over a guy and caught the ball.”

(On how long it takes to develop chemistry with a slot receiver) – “It takes some time and some reps. Obviously he’s been here for the past two years, so while he hasn’t been getting the majority of the reps, he’s been in this offense and been working with the ones periodically throughout. It is a chemistry thing in the slot knowing when uncovered hot throws (and) timing in-and-out. But I feel good about it. He has a good hand on it.”

(On the loss of Brandon Gibson in the redzone) – “It’s tough. He’s doing a great job for us. He was getting better as the weeks went on, getting comfortable. We had a lot of plays that used him. He’s definitely a tough loss, but we need Rishard (Matthews) to step up.”

(On how aware he is of touchdowns-to-turnovers numbers) – “Obviously it’s something you want to control, but what I’m more worried about is wins and losses.”

(On how formidable the Bengals pass rush is) – “They’re good. They are a good front-seven, really. Good players all across the defense. Two Pro Bowl defensive tackles, very solid, athletic, long defensive ends and Pro Bowl linebackers as well. Definitely a good front-seven.”

(On if there is anything he can do to protect the ball better) – “On certain plays when you get hit in the back, you can’t see it coming. If you feel the rush and see guys around you, you’ve got to be able to protect the ball.”

(On his mindset of the importance of this game) – “It’s a big game for us. We are in a tough spot, obviously coming off of four losses. Big game at home, short week, it’s a very good opponent. It’s a big game for us.”

(On fond Halloween memories or costumes he wore as a kid) – “Nothing crazy. My parents made me be a prisoner for like eight years in a row. I wore the same outfit. I started when I was three, and the (costume) was a man-size so I rolled up the pants and kept wearing it every year.”

(On if his parents told him why he wore the same Halloween outfit as a kid) – “It was the only one we had, I guess.”

(On if the message from his parents with his Halloween outfit was to keep on a straight path) – “I guess (laughs). I don’t know.”

(On if he is more down during the losing streak than he was high during the win streak to start the season) – “I think I’m pretty level-key. Obviously frustrated, obviously want to get the team back on track, but I try never to get too high and never to get too low.”

(On if he has internalized much about the four-game losing streak) – “I can only control the things I can control. There are a lot of things that happen under my control that I need to fix. That’s the things that I look at.”

(On how he ensures the team that it is not a time to panic and how leadership keeps things stabilized) – “I think being steady, not panicking obviously when things are wrong, come out ready to work at every practice. If you are moping around and not moving on to the next game, then everyone else will be moping around as well. We have to keep building each other up. If a guy is struggling, build him up, get him back on pace and be out here ready to work. We had a great week of practice, obviously only a walk-through yesterday and one practice today. But from what I saw from the guys, everyone is excited about this game, excited about the opportunity we have to face a good team and get back on track.”

(On not having the extra day for preparation makes a difference for Thursday night games) – “Obviously the time, everything is cut way down. Practice reps are cut down. The time you are able to spend watching tape is cut down a lot. You really have to get the game plan set really quickly and get comfortable with all the calls. Coaches did a great job getting us the game plan quickly, having a great walkthrough yesterday where they introduced the new concepts to us. So now we are going onto our second day of hearing those things and seeing them as well.”

(On if the team worked on Cincinnati game plan last week) – “No, I think the coaches may start but the players, we are totally locked in one week at a time.”

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