Tannehill: It's Fun To Compete With Luck

Posted Sep 11, 2013

Ryan Tannehill holds his weekly press conference and answers questions from reporters about competing against fellow second-year quarterback Andrew Luck this Sunday.

(On what he remembers most about the game against Indianapolis last season) – “It was a really competitive game. I think that is what I really remember most about it. It came down to the wire, and I think they did a better job at the end of the half and the end of the game of performing in crunch time there. We didn’t do a great job of finishing when we had the ball. I think we had a 1st-and-10 at the 50 and needed a field goal. I would like to say we would get a field goal nine times out of 10 right there, and that was our one time. That’s something that we learn from and we move forward. I’m looking forward toward another competitive game.”

(On challenges playing in a dome)– “It’s definitely a loud place to play, especially in a close game. Everyone is amped up, and it makes it more fun. It’s more difficult to communicate. You have to be clear at the line of scrimmage, be loud and communication up and down the line has to be great. It’s an element it is fun to play in, and hopefully we can overcome that loudness and use our communication well.”

(On if he thinks it’s fun going up against Andrew Luck) – “Yeah, I think it’s fun. I have a lot of respect for Luck and the things he does. He’s a great quarterback. I watched him at Stanford and watched him last year, and he did a great job in our game last year. It’s really fun to be able to compete with him, maybe not directly. We aren’t on the field at the same time, but it’s fun to compete with him.”

(On if it bothers him that he’s always going to be compared in the same quarterback class as Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson) – “It doesn’t bother me. It’s kind of fun just being able to go out and compete. We are trying to do the same thing. We are all trying to go out and win, and that’s what it comes down to. I’m looking forward to all of us to increase our play this year, to be better and compete when we get a chance to compete against each other.”

(On how important it is to outperform the other quarterbacks, with a team perspective not a personal perspective) – “It’s important for me to play well, I don’t look at it as a quarterback battle between quarterbacks in any game, but I have to play well. The offense revolves around the quarterback. Obviously the running game plays a big part, everyone plays a big part, but if your quarterback’s not throwing the ball well, you’re not going to be able to win. I don’t directly compare myself to quarterbacks but it’s important for me to play well.”

(On if he’s spoken to Mike Wallace much after he was upset after the game) – “Yes, Mike was obviously in a tough spot at the end of that game but, everything is 100% normal in the locker room. He’s great, practicing hard every day, joking around, he’s his same old self, so we are looking forward to getting back on the field this week.”

(On if he’s going to try and look for Mike Wallace more this week) – “I’m going to play the quarterback position the way the coaches install the plays. I’m going to go through the reads just like they install it. We’re going to try and get him the ball when he’s in the play, but we’re not going to force him the ball.”

(On if the receivers tell him, “Hey I’m open”) – “Well you should know, receivers are always open (laughing), and I’ve been there before too. No, these guys do a good job of being realistic on the sidelines. They’ll tell me exactly how the defense is playing them, what routes they like, what they think is there and that’s a big key. If a guys just coming back saying I’m open on every play it’s tough to sift through that and find out what’s really good and we can implement during the game. When guys are truthful it really helps, and I think they’ve done a good job so far.”

(On if he’s the only voice in the huddle) – “No, the lineman will talk to each other sometime, but if we have everyone in there, and something’s going on, I definitely quiet everyone down and be the voice of the huddle.”

(On how quickly his chemistry with Brandon Gibson has developed) – “I think we’ve connected well since he got in. He’s done a great job of working the middle of the field for us. Obviously, the more time we spend together, the more we get to know each other, so it’s definitely grown throughout the preseason and camp. I’m excited about where it’s at right now, he does a great job working the middle of the field. He’s a real weapon for us.”

(On how important it is, to change the slow starting offense this week) – “Well, it’s important to come out and get started on a good note. If you’re able to move the ball and put points on the board, on your first drive it kind of sets the tone for the day. That’s something that we constantly talk about, something we want to do. The defense, if they go out on the field first we want them to get a 3 and out, a quick stop and the offense once you get the ball, go down and put points on the board. ”

(On if he feels more pressure to throw, knowing the running game isn’t getting as many yards as they’d like) – “No, no more pressure. I’m excited to hear the pass plays come in, I feel like if we get in a tough situation in a game and we’re not able to run the ball, we’ve got to be able to move the ball somehow. I’m excited when I hear the pass plays come in. Just have to make them count.”

(On if he liked the drive where it was almost all passes and 85 yards) – “Well of course, I’m a quarterback, what do you expect (laughing). I think the run game is a big part of our offense that we’ll lean on throughout the whole year. You’re going to come into games where running the ball is tough, and you going to have to be able to throw it. You’re going to come into games where throwing the ball is going to be tough and you’re going to have to lean on the running game predominately. Every game is different, and you just kind of have to feel it out early in the game and go from there. ”

(On a play with Rishard Matthews where he demanded he leave the field, if he would have been as aggressive last year) – “Probably, it was a critical situation, a tough part of the game. I forget what yard line we’re on, but if we get a 15 yard penalty right there, it’s a long field goal and if we kick that field goal right there we put it at 13 points, a two touchdown game. We really didn’t’ need a dumb penalty right there and I just tried to get him off the field, the best way I could.”

(On if he had to restrain Richie Incognito at some point) – “Yea, he got into it a little bit. That’s my job on the field, to keep my guys focused on what we’re trying to do, which is go down and score. Obviously, football is an intense game, there’s a lot of emotion. Guys are going to get into it here and there but when its sidetracking us from what we’re trying to do, we ‘ve just got to focus, lock in and get ready for the next play.”
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