Tannehill: Our Offense Is Improving In All Areas

Posted Aug 12, 2013

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill speaks with the media to provide his views on the progress of the Dolphins passing game as new additions Mike Wallace, Dustin Keller and Brandon Gibson become integrated into the offense.

(On if there was any possibility of throwing the ball to Mike Wallace in Friday’s game) – “There was one where we came out and started a drive with a play. I ended up moving around and hitting Gibson over the middle, but going back and looking at it I could have stayed in the pocked a little bit, just pushed up and kept my eyes downfield. Mike ended up winning on the outside. Other than that, that’s kind of the way the game fell.”

(On how much pass protection affect looks downfield)– “It’s huge. Anything downfield is going to take a little time to develop. If you are having to move around quickly once you hit the top of your drop then you’re not going to be able to keep your eyes downfield and then get the ball downfield. You are going to have to move around, buy some time and find a place for the ball to go. That’s one thing we are working on this week is using the pocket, getting a little bit better protection, but using what I do have better, stepping up and finding a way to get the ball downfield.”

(On how much he is looking forward to getting chemistry together with Mike Wallace) –“I think we are moving along nicely. We hit a deep one today for a touchdown in seven-on-seven. When you have a guy with that type of speed, it is exciting to throw the ball downfield. It’s not going to be five touchdowns a game. I think that’s what everyone kind of seems to be hinting at, but we are going to get him the ball, he’s going to get open short and deep, crossers and it’s going to happen. There is no need to panic, push, to try to force him the ball. It is going to happen.”

(On getting enough reps with Mike Wallace in practice) – “Yeah, we are getting a lot of reps in practice. We talk through a lot of things off the field. In and out of meetings we’ll install a play, and I’ll pull him aside to keep it a little skinny on this play or whatever it may be. We talk and stuff, and we usually get a couple balls after practice. I think we are coming along nicely. He’s finally starting to get healthy again, and I’m excited about what he brings to the table.”

(On what Dustin Keller does to make him feel comfortable) – “He stretches the field down the middle, and that’s exciting for me. I have a big target who can use his body, go up and separate from linebackers and safeties and catches the ball well. That’s what you want from a guy moving downfield as a tight end.”

(On Dustin Keller being quarterback friendly) – “Well he stretches the field down the middle and that is exciting for me. Have a big target who can use his body, go up separate from linebackers, from safeties and catches the ball well that is what you want from a guy moving down field as a tight end.”

(On what makes Dustin Keller quarterback friendly) – “He’s a great route runner, that’s the first thing, and he understands if the guy is playing the route well, if he’s friendly at the top of the break, he’s going to come back down to me. Maybe it’s an out-route, the guy plays it well instead of drifting at the top and fading, let the guy undercut and he’ll come out at a flatter angle and cut the guy off. Just the small details like that he’s really good at.”

(On what the offense is doing well) – “We are improving in all areas. Like everyone, we want to get the ball downfield. That’s one thing we want to improve on. But I think we are starting to run the ball well, and that comes with live reps in games. I think we saw it increase from the Hall of Fame game to the first game. Hopefully we will see another increase this week just being able to run the ball. Then all of our pass game is going to come off of that.”

(On what Brandon Gibson brings to the offense) – “He’s a great inside receiver. We had Davone (Bess) who also was a good player last year. Brandon is a bigger guy, a guy who is able to use his body a little bit more in the middle of the field. He is still a great route-runner. He can win inside routes. He can win outside routes. He can spell our outside guys if we need him to on the outside. He brings a lot of things to the table, and he’s a real asset for us.”

(On wanting to improve on his performance from the previous preseason in Houston) – “I’m not trying to make up for last year. Obviously I want a better showing. How can you not when you have a bad game? But this is a new year. Different teams, completely different situations, and we are just going out to improve. I’m going out to improve and play better than I did last week. Our unit is going to go out and play better than we did last week, so that’s our main focus.”

(On how many fans from Texas A&M he thinks will be coming down to see him play) – “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to too many people from back home yet. You get wrapped up in camp, so I think we have some time off this evening and tomorrow. So we’ll connect a little there to see what’s going on.”

(On how much pressure he feels as quarterback for the team on the field and the franchise off the field) – “Off the field, I really don’t think about. I think when we start winning games our franchise will increase and fans will start coming more to games. I don’t worry about that. Like you said, it’s a quarterback-driven league. I need to play well in order for this team to do well. That’s exciting for me. I get to touch the ball every play, (I) get to make decisions that greatly affect the outcome of the game, so that’s exciting for me, and I have the guys who can make plays for me, and it makes a lot of fun.”

(On if he has followed the Johnny Manziel saga at his alma mater) – “I haven’t followed it too closely. Obviously I see the headlines, but I think they’ll get to the bottom of it. Whatever happens, they’ll find the truth out. I wish him the best. He’s been great for (Texas) A&M. He had a heck of a year last year, and hopefully we get to see him on the field this year.”

(On if the things going on with Johnny Manziel surprises him) – “He has a lot of friends that go to (the University of) Texas. I know he grew up in Kerrville (Texas). He lived in Kerrville in high school, and that’s really close to Austin. I know he has a lot of friends there. A little surprised, maybe, but at the end of the day I know he has a lot of friends there.”
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