Tannehill: Our Tight Ends Are Doing A Good Job

Posted May 30, 2013

The Dolphins quarterback discusses the tight end position along with a number of other topics during the Dolphins' second OTA of the offseason.

(On how the offense can correct the mistakes that they made today) – “I mean it’s just learning from your mistakes on tape. Like I said, the defense threw a lot of stuff (at us) that we hadn’t even talked about in the offensive meeting room, so it’s different. When you prepare for a defense in a game situation, you look at game tape and you pretty much know what they are going to bring. Out here, they are installing stuff day-by-day, so we don’t know what they are going to put in. They put in a lot of new stuff today, and we weren’t really prepared for it as an offense. We’ll look at it and be prepared tomorrow.”

(On how Chad Pennington has helped the quarterback group so far) – “He has a lot of knowledge. He played the game a long time at a high level and was a student of the game his entire career. You can tell that just by talking with him. I spent some time with him early in the offseason, I went up to Kentucky to see him, but he's a good guy. He understands the game obviously very well and is very helpful in just giving us little tips that he has. Whether it’s just reading the defense or how we handle a certain situation or how we handle our footwork on certain plays.”

(On how tough it will be to get the offense going early with so many new players) – “It’s going to be important. That’s what this time is for. Like I said earlier, today wasn’t our best day, but we have a lot of new guys out here and we’ll get on the same page. That’s what practices are for. We’ll look at the tape, see where we messed up, and use this time to get on the same page. That way, when it comes time to September we’re good to go.”

(On the new players having to get used to the up-tempo offense) – “It’s different for a lot of guys. Depending on what system they came from, not everybody does it. So, getting used to the conditioning and the mental pace of coming off a play and having the refocus back in immediately to get the next play, it’s an adjustment. I think everyone’s getting accustomed to it and adjusting well.”

(On the tight end group) – “They’re doing a good job. I think they are growing every practice. I’m getting to know (Dustin) Keller more and more each practice. We had a touchdown called back today, but he does a great job of getting releases and getting vertical downfield, which will be a big part of our offense. It’s something we added and we needed from last year.”

(On Brandon Gibson) – “He's a good player. I think he's still learning and he’s still adjusting to all the nuances of the offense. It’s one thing to sit in a meeting room and learn it on paper, but all the adjustments and hot throws that you kind of pick up over time, we’re still getting adjusted to. But he's doing a good job. He's here working and we’re looking forward to the rest of the week and the rest of the spring to continue that.”

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