Tannehill: We Have Playmakers All Across The Board

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill responds to questions from the media about his play in the Hall of Fame game as well as Tuesday's practice. Hear Tannehill's outlook as he looks to make corrections this week in preparation for Friday's game against Jacksonville.

(On his view of his brief performance in the preseason game) – “There was definitely some things to correct. Obviously we have to get the handoff to start the game. That’s inexcusable, but it hasn’t been an issue at all leading up to that point. I saw it on tape and corrected it there. I don’t worry about it going forward. Moving forward, like myself and the rest of the team, we have some small things to correct. It’s a good start for us. Obviously we didn’t come out, put up the numbers or score points like we wanted to, but if you look at what they threw at us and how we responded as a group I felt like it was a good start we can definitely build on.”

(On where he feels the strength lies within the team offensively)– “We have playmakers all across the board. It’s up to each individual man to make plays. I don’t think its one person or one group of people. We need the offensive line to block well to have the run game and pass game, running backs run well, receivers to make plays and myself to get them the ball. It’s definitely a team effort.”

(On where he feels like he is at in improving his footwork) –“I’m frustrated by today. Today wasn’t a good day. Very frustrating, but if you take a step back and look at the whole, I am definitely moving in the right direction if you take out today. Frustrated with the day, not happy about it, but I will make the corrections and move forward.”

(On how he uses a day such as today to move forward and get better) – “It’s much easier to make the corrections when you make mistakes. I made several mistakes today, so I’ll go in, watch the tape and see where I went wrong and correct it. That way it doesn’t happen again.”

(On the handoff fumble on Sunday and what went wrong in the exchange) – “I’ll take it. A quarterback-running back exchange, I’ll take it.”

(On if the offense can be evaluated before Mike Wallace plays) – “I mean, we have the guys out there, but Mike definitely is a big factor in this offense. We brought him in for a reason. He got paid a lot of money for a reason, and we are excited to have him. Once we get him back on the field and are able to work as a full unit, I’m looking forward to that.”
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