Taylor: I Play With A Swagger

Posted Apr 26, 2013

New Dolphins cornerback Jamar Taylor speaks with the South Florida media.

(On the excitement of getting drafted by the Miami Dolphins and what he hopes to bring to the team) – “It’s really exciting, just sitting here anxiously waiting. I’m happy the coaches gave me a shot and I’m looking forward to coming down there and contributing to the team.”

(On his strengths) – “I think being able to play man defense, being able to play zone defense and just playing smart. (I’m) not afraid to tackle and just being able to do really whatever my defense asks of me.”

(On ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. saying that he moved up three rounds this year and how he did that) – “It’s all in the grace of God really. I give all the prayers to the man upstairs and just hard work and faith. That’s really what got me there.”

(On his confidence level in coming in and starting as a rookie) – “I don’t know how it’s going to work out. I’m going to come down there willing to learn from the coaches and from the other players, and just try to contribute the best way I can.”

(On how much interest the Dolphins showed in him prior to the Draft) – “They showed a lot. They showed a lot. I’m happy to be down there. I’m happy to be a Dolphin. Man, I can’t even explain it right now.”

(On if he visited the Dolphins prior to the Draft) – “Yeah I came out there for a visit. I trained down in Florida (with) Pete Bommarito down in Fort Lauderdale. So it’s kind of right at home for me.”

(On what it’s like going from Boise to Miami) – “It’s not that big of a difference. I’m from San Diego.”

(On if he can play nickel) – “I played dime and nickel real early in my career. (I) played it earlier this year and eventually my coach kept me to the boundary, but I have played it before and it’s something that I’m really used to doing.”

(On if he had any idea where he might be selected) – “No, I really didn’t know. I thought I was going to get drafted yesterday. I was watching and I thought I was going to get drafted earlier today. I’m blessed to be in the position I am. I’m happy to be a Dolphin and I’m ready to just go to work.”

(On if he was expecting to be drafted earlier) – “Yes, I was definitely expecting (to be)…that’s what we heard, but I’m happy how everything worked out. God has a plan for me and he already had it written. So I’m ready to go to work. I’m happy I’m a Dolphin.”

(On whether he was mentored by any Boise State DB’s who are now in the NFL while he was in school) – “I mean Jeron Johnson was my roommate, George Iloka was, Kyle Wilson was once upon a time, so all those guys just give me really a lot of encouragement and just tell me to keep my head on straight. They all take care of me, so they all have been real big influences in my life. They have been behind me this whole offseason and told me wherever I end up is going to be a good look for me. I think I landed in the right spot.”

(On where he thinks he has experienced the most growth as a player) – “From my freshman year to now. If you look at it I was ok and ok, and then I kind of took off. This year I had a great coach in Coach (Jimmy) Lake (Boise State Defensive Backs Coach) and I mean he took my game from a sub-par player to an even better player this last year. You know I feel like I was overlooked a lot, but it is what it is. I’ve always been overlooked throughout my career. I still got that chip on my shoulder, so like I said I’m happy to be a Dolphin though and I’m ready to go to work.”

(On what his meeting was like with Jeff Ireland when they talked in Indianapolis at the Combine) – “I mean it was real good. They put me on the board. They put me on everything. (They) really just wanted to see how I was as a player, see if I was smart. We did that, and then they just kept showing interest. You know, I mean they really never tell you too much, so you don’t know what to think.”

(On why he decided to go to Boise State) – “Well Boise was just a team that gave me a shot. They were just a bunch a hard working guys who played with a chip on their shoulder. I had a coach in Coach Marcel Yates who put that dog in me at playing corner. He believed in me and he wanted to be the best coach and I wanted to be the best corner. That’s why I committed there, and Coach P what he’s doing up there, he's a great coach, Coach Pete Kwiatkowski our defensive coordinator. I probably lost four games in my career, and any time you can go to a program like that you can’t say no. I went up there with both feet in and it was the best five years of my life.”

(On how he would describe he plays with the dog in him) – “I play with a swagger. I play, yeah I’m kind of chippy. I like to talk stuff, I like to have, I like to keep a smile on my face. But you know I’m someone who is going to go out and play real aggressive and let you know what I’m doing.”
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