Taylor: I'm Blessed To Be In This Situation

Posted May 3, 2013

Dolphins rookie cornerback looks forward to big things in Miami.

(On if the expectations of a second-round pick are to be a starter this year or if that’s a goal that he has set) – “My goal is just keep trying to learn and continue to just keep getting better.”

(On the system he ran at Boise State and if that will be an easy adjustment form him to make with the Dolphins) – “Most of it is similar, just different terminology you’ve got to get used to, but most of the plays are kind of similar.”

(On if there is more pressure coming out of Boise State since it’s not in one of the major college football conferences like the SEC) – “No, we don’t worry about that. We just worry about getting better and continue to just compete. As long as we compete, everything else will take care of itself.”

(On how much he’s been talking to fellow drafted cornerback Will Davis this week and the future for them together) – “We’ve been talking a lot, but it’s mostly about how we can help each other out and just try to get better, just try to help out each other.”

(On his mindset as a second-round pick and if his expectation is to come in and play right away) – “My (expectation) is to just continue to learn. It’s a whole new stage. We’re starting all the way back over, so (I want to) just learn the best way I can and work from there.”

(On the areas where he thinks he is more polished) – “It’s up the coaches. We’ve got a roll of tape today to see what I’m good at.”

(On whether he was told there are certain expectations for him this season) – “No we’re just all rookies, all even just trying to come out here these three days and just try to learn. That’s just the main focus; see how we can help out this team overall once we get to camp.”

(On whether he feels that he stood out today) – “I don’t know, that’s up to the coaches.”

(On how excited he is to be a part of the Dolphins organization) – “I’m very excited. They took a chance on me and I’m blessed to be in this situation. I’m thankful for it and I’m going to give them my all.”

(On whether he wants to be a starter or take the process step-by-step) – “Step-by-step.”

(On whether he feels he can help on special teams as well) – “Definitely. You have to help the team any way you can, so if it’s special teams I’m on it. No hesitation, no complaining.”

(On whether there was a moment today where he thought we was now in the NFL) – “Probably once I hit this heat out here. I realized I was definitely out here and it was for real.”

(On whether he sees any similarities with this defensive system and his college system in terms of how defensive backs are used) – “We definitely have some similarities, but you know like I said it’s a lot of different terminology and lot more plays in the playbook. I think the coaches are just getting to know the players and things like that, just talking about it I don’t think it will be too hard to learn.”

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