Taylor Ready To Be Hands On

Posted May 19, 2017

Taylor revealed that Suh was the player after whom he modeled his game.

One stat that jumped out about Dolphins rookie Vincent Taylor from his days at Oklahoma State University was five blocked field goals. There were a couple of factors involved in Taylor’s proficiency at blocking kicks, but probably none bigger than the size of his hands.

They became a big enough topic of conversation at his first press conference at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University that he was asked to hold up his hand for every reporter in the room to see.

“At the combine, they measured my hands at 10½ (inches),” Taylor said. “(I) blocked five field goals (and) my hands played a huge part in that. I think my hands are pretty big. I’m coming in here and looking forward to finding ways to get them stronger.”

Taylor had yet to meet Ndamukong Suh when he spoke to the media but predicted (before laughing) that the five-time Pro Bowl selection probably had bigger hands. Based on Suh’s combine numbers, which included a hand measurement of 10 1/4 inches, Taylor has him beat in that category.

Suh, however, is an established defensive star in the NFL. Taylor is hoping to get to that status one day, but as a rookie he’ll be fighting for playing time at defensive tackle.

Taylor also could make an impact on special teams thanks to his gift with blocking field goals.

“It’s always great to get guys that have done it before because there are a lot of times that you have guys that don’t play on those units (in college),” said Special Teams Coordinator/Associate Head Coach Darren Rizzi. “He’s a guy that gives tremendous effort on that unit. He’s a guy that we’re certainly going to look at and he’s going to get a ton of work in the preseason doing that.”

Taylor revealed after the Dolphins selected him in the sixth round of the NFL draft April 29 that Suh was the player after whom he modeled his game, emphasizing his answer wasn’t the result of the team that drafted him.

Taylor said his interest in Suh began during Suh’s All-American career at the University of Nebraska.

“When I was transferring from high school into the college level,” Taylor said, “looking at how he was training and how he went back to Nebraska for his senior year and what he was doing to get ready for the combine, that’s when I went on YouTube and looked him up, and that’s when he became one of my favorite players.

“One thing I can say is I could never try to be like him. I can only be the best Vincent Taylor that I can be. But I’ll try to get some things from him and learn from him to try to make my game better.”

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