Taylor See Bright Future For Dolphins

Posted Feb 10, 2017

The Hall of Famer says he likes what he has seen from Head Coach Adam Gase and the player who followed him as the team’s leading pass rusher, Cameron Wake.

Jason Taylor reminisced about his career and his former teammates when he discussed his Hall of Fame election Thursday, but he also found time to discuss the current Dolphins.

And Taylor says he likes what he has seen from Head Coach Adam Gase and the player who followed him as the team’s leading pass rusher, Cameron Wake.

“I think Adam is great,” Taylor said. “I think he has done a great job. You see the success that the team had this year and came out of nowhere. After a rough start, he made some really tough moves for a head coach to make at that point in the season and you see the way the team responded. Are there holes to fill on the team? Sure, and I think he’d be the first to tell you. Obviously if you don’t win the championship, you have things that you need to correct. If you win the championship, the Patriots are working as we speak to correct things, too. But they’re on the right path. It was great to see them in the playoffs.”

Taylor was a member of five playoff teams during his time with the Dolphins, and he saw first-hand was that meant to South Florida.

“It’s amazing the excitement that builds in this city when this football team is playing well,” Taylor said. “The other teams in town, the Heat had a run and the city was electric, but it’s just different when the Dolphins are good. I think Adam is on the right track and he’ll continue to build. I know (Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Mike Tannenbaum and (General Manager) Chris Grier and those guys are working tirelessly to not just make the playoffs but win the division, win playoff games and hopefully be in Minnesota (for the Super Bowl) next year.”

As for Wake, Taylor had the chance to play with him after Wake came over from the Canadian Football League in 2009 and again in 2011. Since then, he’s watched Wake’s work as an observer.

To say Taylor has been impressed would be putting it mildly.  

“Hopefully he can play as long as he can and keep being as productive as he’s been,” Taylor said. “He’s just a remarkable athlete. The things he’s able to do and the way he bounced back from an Achilles injury at his … I hate even saying it, but at his age, so to speak. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Having a chance to be around Cam and be a teammate of his, knowing the way he works, knowing the work he was putting in, in the offseason, when this building was empty of players and they’re off and when he’s probably supposed to be on crutches still or in a boot still and he’s pushing it. He’s just that kind of guy. He takes care of himself.

“He’s super athletic, ridiculously strong. I mean, he never wears a shirt, so you guys (in the media) see how he’s built and how he takes care of himself. He can do it for a long time. He’s already trended in this direction (toward the Hall of Fame), trust me. Cam Wake is a better football player and a better pass rusher than I ever was and hopefully he can keep doing it for a while.”
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