Thanksgiving A Time To Reflect For Dolphins

Posted Nov 28, 2013

Miami’s off day falls on the holiday so the players will think family.

It’s time to start carving the turkey and serving up the stuffing, mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie for that All-American holiday, Thanksgiving. Since Thursday has become the typical off day for the Miami Dolphins, they will get to enjoy this day a little more.

Of course, the team is still preparing for a showdown on Sunday with the New York Jets on the road so the players and coaches alike are aware they cannot go overboard at the dinner table. But that won’t stop some of them from getting a little creative.

“It’s Thanksgiving so I’m going to eat a lot, let’s just throw that on the table,” said defensive tackle Jared Odrick, who cited his grandmother’s cheesy chicken as his all-time favorite holiday dish. “Of course you try to not stuff yourself too much, or guys are fasting now so they can eat a lot. Obviously, you always enjoy the day and what it means and what it brings but it’s really just a day of relaxation for me.”

Here are some other interesting Thanksgiving memories and nuggets from around the Dolphins locker room this afternoon:

“We were always at my grandparents, just the whole family getting together eating until a food coma basically, and playing football out in the yard. … My wife (Lauren) can cook. She’s a very good cook but I don’t think she’s cooking the turkey this year. Maybe some pies and a casserole or something since we’re smorgasboarding with some other friends, so not the turkey this year but the pies will be good.” – quarterback Ryan Tannehill

“Just getting the whole family together was my favorite memory. I think on Thanksgiving you have all your family fly in form out of town from different places and you get to enjoy one meal together and I think that’s the most special part to me. So we’re going to spend it tonight at my house and then my parents are going to spend it on Friday with my brother (Maurkice) in Lakeland because (the Steelers) play tomorrow night.” – center Mike Pouncey

“What I remember from Thanksgiving was that we didn’t really have a big dinner but in high school we played our big rivalry game, so that was the coolest thing about Thanksgiving for me. We played the game early and then after the game we came home, ate and then watched some football.” – cornerback Brent Grimes

“I remember a lot of calories, lots of butter and grease and sweets and good times and laughter with family. Thanksgiving’s always been one of my favorites growing up and as a football player you’ve got to enjoy it while were young because as you grow you realize it’s a work day for most of us but Coach Philbin has been kind enough to give us the day off. My family is up north so I’ll be keeping it simple.” – defensive end Cameron Wake
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