Time Is Short So Dolphins Looking To Learn Quickly

Posted Oct 18, 2011

There are so many ways to look at film after a game, and even though the final score never changes the lessons learned can directly impact the next game.

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano didn’t have a lot of time to look over the film from Monday night’s 24-6 loss to the New York Jets, but it was hard for him to ignore the numbers on the stat sheet that were in Miami’s favor and the areas where his team appeared to dominate.

At the end of the first quarter, the Dolphins had outgained the Jets, 173-10, and the defense had forced three straight three-and-outs by New York’s offense. Quarterback Matt Moore was getting excellent protection on passing downs and there were holes for the running backs to run through, while defensively constant pressure was being put on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and the running lanes for his backs were closed tight.

“In the first four series of the game, and this is where I say there were a lot of good things done in this game, technically there were four three-and-outs,” Sparano said. “One was a four-play drive but it was a penalty. The defense got them off the field four times in a row and they had a total of 24 yards at that point in the four series.”

Unfortunately, the other parts of the film Sparano had to view included footage of his offense coming up empty in the touchdown department when in the red zone and either fumbling the ball, dropping passes or throwing interceptions close to a dozen times. On one end Sparano applauded how his defense swarmed to the ball, but he had to acknowledge the costly mistakes that came back to haunt his team in the end.

This Sunday when the Denver Broncos come to Sun Life Stadium, Moore should be more comfortable making his second start and should be able to get on the same page more often with wide receiver Brandon Marshall. His line will be expected to further improve in protection and all of his receivers will need to hold onto the ball better.

“There wasn’t a whole lot of pressure on us and our quarterback really didn’t get hit until the fourth quarter of the football game when the score was 24-6,” said Sparano, who was watching the fifth different quarterback in his four years taking snaps under center. “I thought Matt clearly did some good things during the course of the game but there are going to be some things that he’s going to be able to learn from in this film. … But I thought for Matt going out there for the first time in that situation and that environment, we had plenty of chances for us to be able to win the game.”

Sparano also liked what he saw out of rookie running back Daniel Thomas in his first game back after missing the last two with a sore hamstring. Thomas did fumble once but the ball bounced into the arms of tight end Anthony Fasano, so he would like to see the ball security issues get cleaned up.

The biggest difference before this upcoming game with the Broncos is that the Dolphins will have a shorter week as opposed to having the bye week in between the game at San Diego and the Jets game. So Sparano will show his players the film tomorrow morning and then quickly get them involved in the install of the Denver game plan.

“We’ve got good professionals here,” he said. “The guys will come into work and they want to get better. We all feel like obviously we all have a hand in this so we need to make sure that we take a good look at it.”

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