Voice Of The Fan: 8.25.17

Posted Aug 25, 2017

Neil Bolt -

I would love to have attended the September 21, 2008 game at the Patriots. The Dolphins went into New England with an 0-2 start to the season and nobody could have expected what would happen that day. The Patriots were caught unprepared as the Wildcat formation left them in utter disbelief. The Dolphins upset the Patriots with a 38-13 victory and it was one of the most exciting games I've ever seen. Ronnie Brown had one of the greatest games a running back could hope for with 4 rushing TDs and even a passing TD completed to (Anthony) Fasano. I would have loved to have been a visiting fan in that stadium for this game.

Brian “Cat” Catanzaro, “On The FinSide”

I’d go back to the Dolphins playoff win over the Seahawks in the 1999 playoffs. It was a hard-fought victory in an up-and-down season. Most importantly, it was Dan Marino's final career victory that showcased his grit and determination after being injured most of the season.

Curt Fennell,

The game I would most like to have attended personally would have to be the "Clock Play" game against the Jets in 1994. It was one of Dan Marino's finest moments as the Dolphins struggled back from a 10-0 halftime deficit to win the game on his "fake spike" with less than 30 seconds left. And to add a little schadenfreude to the mix, it was in New York at Giants Stadium.

Bob Foreman,

Without hesitation, December 2, 1985. Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears in the Orange Bowl. Chicago came down to Miami with an undefeated record. Coach (Mike) Ditka, Refrigerator Perry, Jim McMahan and Walter “Sweetness” Payton were all celebrities and riding high. Dan Marino was a step above his usual magnificence, and connected with long TD passes to Nat Moore, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton to defeat the Bears 38-24 and keep them out of Perfectville. The defense was swarming all night and frustrated the Bears just enough to seal the victory. I remember that there was an energy in the house, and a karma that permeated to all of the Finatics that screamed “We will NOT be defeated tonight” The Bears never knew what hit them. I will never forget the noise in the Orange Bowl that night. After the many games that I have seen after that, we have never come close.

Eric Frosbutter -

For me it would have to be the 1985 game against the Bears that prevented Chicago from completing an undefeated season. Not only was it a great year because yours truly was born, but the impact of this Monday night game had a playoff feel. My father and uncle went to the game and talk about it like it was just yesterday. They had such a great time that they both lost their voices for three days.

Lisa Johnson. nflfemale

No question about it for me. The Monday Night against the undefeated Chicago Bears. Being born and raised a Dolphins fan, I just took the game for granted. I realized later in life just how important this game meant to this franchising and the fan base.

Matt Kent,

I would love to have attended the Super Bowl that capped a perfect season. The 1972 season is the most iconic in Miami Dolphins and NFL history and it would have been amazing to be there for that Super Bowl.

Carl Leone, Bitchin' Dave's

Without question, going to Super Bowl VII and seeing the Dolphins win their first Super Bowl and finish the perfect season would be my pick. That would be a memory of a lifetime.

James McKinney, The Phinsider

If I could go back in time and attend any Miami Dolphins game it would be the 1985 game against the then-undefeated Chicago Bears. Having grown up in Miami, I knew how crazy the Orange Bowl could get, but I had never seen it like it was that night. I was only 15 at the time and I somehow managed to talk my mother into letting me take the next day off from school so that I could stay up and watch the game since it was a Monday Night Football game. It was like our Super Bowl that season. Despite the Bears ultimately going on to actually win the Super Bowl, the satisfaction of that win is still with me today. Everything from the former players lining the sideline to the fans to how every bounce of the ball, including a tipped ball to Mark Clayton going for a touchdown, seemed perfect. To this day, the ‘85 game is my favorite Dolphins game that I ever least until we win our next Super Bowl.

Brian Miller -

December 25, 1971 would be where I would want to go. The longest game in NFL history. The Dolphins and the Chiefs battled it out like no other teams before or after. Marv Fleming caught the game-tying touchdown with under two minutes left in regulation. It then took almost two full periods of overtime before Garo Yepremian won it. Yeah, would have loved to experience that one.

Mike Oliva,

For me, it would have to be Christmas Day 1971 and the playoff game between Miami and the Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from being a playoff game on Christmas day that Miami won, it was and still is the longest game in NFL history. What also makes this game so great is it was a game that had 12 future Hall of Famers on the field playing in it which is unheard of no matter what era a game is played in. Not to mention it was the Chiefs last game ever playing in Municipal Stadium in Kansas City and Miami closed out that stadium with a big 27-24 win to knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs that year. This will forever go down as one of the five best games ever in NFL history.

Ron Weiss, Ron’s World of Miami Dolphins

Dec 2 1985. This is one of the most requested game I get for on dvd. It goes down as one of the all-time great games in Dolphins history. I remember watching it live on ABC. I always say I wish I could of been there to experience this great game that preserved the 1972 season.

Peter Whybrow - Dolfan UK

If I could go back in time, I could have selected the 1981 Chargers playoff game or the 1985 Bears game, but I would go back 23 years to watch Dan Marino’s return from injury against the New England Patriots. Before the game, nobody knew if Marino would ever be the same again and he hadn’t given away any clues in the preseason as he played sparingly and played poorly in the preseason finale. Nobody should have every questioned his talent, all he really needed was his right arm. On that day, he announced to the NFL that he was back. He put on a show for the ages going 23-42 for 473 yards and five touchdowns, three of them to Irving Fryar. It wasn’t as though the Patriots hadn’t shown up as Drew Bledsoe passed his way to 421 yards and four touchdowns, but on this day Marino wouldn’t be denied and the Dolphins came back to win 39-35.

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