Voice Of The Fan: Favorite Dolphins - Jets Memory

Posted Sep 22, 2017

Michael Brothers -

The 1982 AFC Championship game and the clock play game will likely be the most common answers, but I will go with the more recent beatings of the Rex Ryan’s Jets in 2009. The first game featured a Chad Henne bomb to Ted Ginn over none other than “Revis Island” and the second beating featured a pair of Ginn’s TD kickoff returns in the 3rd quarter (100 & 102 yards). It was definitely the highlight of Ginn’s time with the Dolphins and always fun beating a Rex Ryan coached team!!

Kevin Dolney, The Phinsider

One of my favorite Dolphins-Jets games was the Week 17 match-up in 2008. Both teams were playing for the AFC East division title and all eyes were on Chad Pennington facing his old team. In one of the most thrilling games I have ever watched, the Dolphins came away with the victory and completed one of the NFL's greatest stories. A team who only won one game the previous season was now on top of the AFC East and heading to the playoffs. It was such a surreal feeling to watch one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history.

Bob Foreman -

In a crowded room of Finatics, the first game that always comes to mind is the Fake Spike game, but I have another game that sparked my undying love for the Miami Dolphins. It was 1983. I was three years out of the Navy and two years before saying goodbye to the single life. January 23, 1983, and it was the AFC Championship Game against the New York Jets in the Orange Bowl. This would be the third time that season we had faced and defeated the Jets, I think it’s a record to this day. That year they kept coming back like bad sushi. A.J. Duhe was the star of the game, with 3 interceptions, including a 35-yard return for a pick-six that sealed the victory. It was raining HARD that day, and I remember the cover of the Miami Herald with a picture of Duhe and his mud soaked uniform and ball held high in the air. At quarterback, we saw David Woodley for Miami and Richard Todd for the Jets. Next season, we would see the debut of rookie Dan Marino and Mark Duper. I bought my first year of season tickets the following season. This game was fresh in my mind as it ushered in a period of dominance over the Jets, that will hopefully continue with a victory this Sunday.

Robert Grahamslaw, Dolfan UK

It would have to be the 1986 match up at Giants Stadium. The Dolphins didn’t win, but it was an offensive explosion, 45-45 going into overtime. Al Toon and Wesley Walker (who was blind in one eye) were matching the Marks Brothers catch for catch. Walker eventually caught the winning TD in OT. It was a great offensive show on both sides as four receivers went over 100 yards with Dan Marino and Ken O’Brien combining for 927 yards through the air.

Lisa Johnson, OurTurf Football

Even though we were on the losing end of this game, 51- 45, it has to be the Sept. 21, 1986 game that was deemed “Marino vs O’Brien” shootout. Watching this offensive battle was epic. It was this game that showed me what an elite quarterback Miami had in Dan Marino. Watching him take command of Miami’s offense and methodically driving down the field. Even though the lose hurt in overtime, that game left a mark on me forever.

Matt Kent,

First of all, ANY game we beat the Jets is my favorite, but the one that I loved was the 2002 game when Ricky Williams ran for 151 yards and we just punished them physically. We were just starting to see what Ricky was going to bring to the team and he was dominant including a 53-yard run for a touchdown.

Carl Leone, Bitchin’ Dave’s

Wow. The Jets and Dolphins have played in plenty of doozies with classic endings. From the Fake Spike, the Monday Night Miracle, the Choke, there has been both ecstasy and despair on both sides. My favorite game would have to be Chad Pennington’s payback on Dec. 28, 2008 as the Dolphins won 24-17 and clinched our most recent division championship.

Mike Oliva,

My all-time favorite Dolphins-Jets game is from the 1982-83 season and the AFC Championship game in which Miami beat the Jets at the Orange Bowl to move forward and go to the Super Bowl. Jets quarterback Richard Todd's favorite receiver that day was Dolphins linebacker A.J. Duhe. Duhe had three interceptions and ran one back for a touchdown to lead Miami in this win and on to the Super Bowl. The Dolphins and Jets have had many big match-ups and big games over the years but none bigger than this one in the AFC Championship and a chance to move on to the Super Bowl hanging in the balance. And because of that it is my all-time favorite Dolphins-Jets game.

Paul L. Picken, Jr., On The FinSide

My favorite Dolphins/Jets game has to be the first MetLife Takeover game that I attended a few years back (and I’ve attended each one since). Rolling in with 1,200-plus Dolphins fans was an amazing experience, including getting to meet a number of folks that I had only interacted with online to discuss the team. Seeing the Dolphins have folks like Tom Garfinkel, Jason Jenkins, Nat Moore, Claudia Castillo and the video team come out to the tailgate, as well as some of the beat reporters, players’ families, etc. coming out to attend was very cool as well. Being one of the last ones to go into the stadium, I could already hear the full sections of DolFans chanting from out in the bus lot – at the Jets’ home stadium – and seeing the players acknowledge the group of us up there was really a cool moment. The Dolphins took home the W in that game, and watching back on the recording of the broadcast the announcers kept commenting on how loud the Dolphins fans were at the game. Being able to share in the experience with my father was icing on the cake.

Chris Shashaty,

My favorite Dolphins-Jets game would be the 1982 AFC Championship Game played in the Orange Bowl. The stakes were high - a trip to Super Bowl XVII – and the opportunity to get there by stepping over the hated Jets couldn’t be sweeter. The Killer Bs shut out QB Richard Todd and the explosive Jet offense, with LB AJ Duhe providing the decisive points via a thrilling interception return for a TD. The Orange Bowl never rocked louder than it did that day, with the jubilation in the stands spilling into the city streets well into the night. It was an unforgettable experience and one of the greatest games in Miami Dolphins history.

Nate “Igor” Smith, Dolfans NYC

As the founders of DolfansNYC, every Jets/Dolphins game is special to us, but if I had to pick one I would go with Dolphins at Jets in 2013. In 2008, we had a group of four friends who went to see the Dolphins make it into the playoffs. We founded DolfansNYC the next season and brought a group of 30 in 2009. In 2010, we had 60 for a rainy Sunday night game and around 75 the year after that. In 2012, we really stepped up our game with over 200 Dolphins fans sitting together. The Dolphins won the game, but hours later Hurricane Sandy hit and impacted the lives of so many in attendance. It was 2013 that was the first official #MetLifeTakeover. The Dolphins absolutely dominated the game winning 23-3 but the big highlight for us was how much of an impact we had as fans on the game. It was the first time you could clearly hear us on TV and the announcers started talking about the Miami fans in attendance. During the game, Brian Hartline pointed up to us when he scored and after the game player after player Tweeted about the #MetLifeTakeover. It made us feel like even away fans could really have an impact. This year we have over 1,000 fans going, so listen for us whenever the Dolphins make a big play. Phins up!

Ron Weiss, Ron’s World Of Miami Dolphins

There are several games against the Jets that come to mind. The 1982 AFC title game vs. the Jets when A.J. Duhe had the game of his life with three interceptions. Also, in 1985 Mark Duper just came back from an injury and Miami needed a touchdown to win the game, Marino hit Duper on a long pass to defeat the Jets. My biggest thriller is the clock play. Those are my three favorite Dolphins-Jets games.

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