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Posted Jul 7, 2017

The Dolphins have an international fan base and many of our supporters run web sites dedicated to covering and supporting their favorite team. Each week on “Voice of the Fan” we’ll get their thoughts and opinions on a variety of Dolphins and NFL subjects.

This week’s question: What is your favorite Dolphins game you attended in person?

Bob and Carla Ball: Dolfan UK

The horrendous 2007 season when we all feared an 0-16 record was saved by a 22-16 overtime against the Ravens on Dec 16. I turned up for the game with my wife and kids, only to be offered pre-game field passes and upgraded tickets to the baseball dugouts in return for being shadowed by a Herald reporter. So many people left before the end and, for those of us that were left, well we just rocked the place. The Ravens missed a field goal, and then Cleo Lemon connected with Greg Camarillo, who headed our way for the 64-yard game winning touchdown. The place erupted, and we ran into the tunnel to greet the players back to the locker room. They were so happy and amped that one of the linemen nearly took my arm off with a high five. We were singing and chanting all the way to the tailgate. Not many of us were there, but the place was noisy!

Neil Bolt:

As a Dolphins fan who lives in Newfoundland, Canada, I consider live games a luxury. My favorite Dolphins game that I was at was on Nov. 2, 2014, the Chargers at Dolphins game. The Dolphins played incredibly well and the Shed Dawgs met a longtime, long-distance friend from Arizona face-to-face for the first time. Football brings people together and there is no better way to do that than with a 37-0 Dolphins blowout victory under the hot South Florida sun. It was the ultimate stadium experience.

Lisa Johnson: NFL Female

The Dolphins game that stands out the most for me was on Sept. 23, 2001. The Oakland Raiders were coming to town and with them hated "Raider Nation" hard-core fans with their intimidating black and silver colors. Raiders game of always consisted of some great trash talk between Fin Fans and Raiders fans. The aqua and orange pitted against the black and silver. But on this day, the only color you saw driving into the stadium was red, white and blue. This was the first game following Sept. 11 and two rival fan bases became one as fans embraced each other and shared stories of loved one that were overseas. Both teams took the field carrying American flags. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as the national anthem rang out and for the next few hours things seemed normal again.

Matt Kent: 

My favorite Dolphins game that I attended was Nov. 11, 1995 when Dan Marino broke Fran Tarkenton's career yardage record against the Patriots. It was an amazing atmosphere. I was there with my brother, Pat, who passed away in 2016. So this memory is extra special for me.

Kevin Nogle: The Phinsider

I have two answers that make sense. The first one was taking my son to his first game at the stadium, with Michael Thomas making the interception on Tom Brady to clinch the game. The other was the first game after 9/11, with the stadium rocking and Jay Fiedler scoring the touchdown that landed on SI's cover. Both amazing experiences I would never want to lose. In both cases, I have never heard Hard Rock that incredibly loud - to the point that my son, standing at his seat and yelling to me after the pick, couldn't be heard. Just so much fun and excitement.

Mike Oliva:

This might be an odd favorite considering what happened in the game. My favorite Dolphins game I attended was on Oct. 10, 1993 at Cleveland. It was the game where Dan Marino tore his Achilles tendon and was lost for that season. What makes the game a personal favorite was all of the Browns’ fans in attendance thought they had the game won after Marino went down to his injury. Scott Mitchell’s first pass after replacing Marino was intercepted by Najee Mustafaa and returned 97 yards for a touchdown. From that play on though Miami thoroughly dominated the contest and won easily 24-14. The old Cleveland Municipal Stadium was as quiet as a library for the entire second half in shock that Miami beat them easily without Marino.

Dale Paul-Jordan:

The year was 1994, the Miami Dolphins hosted a Wild Card game against the Kansas City Chiefs. It was New Year’s Eve when this game was set to kick off. I was fortunate enough to get these tickets from my mom as a Christmas present. I was 14 years old at the time and I had no idea what I was in store for. This game had everything you wanted it to be. Marcus Allen showed signs of why he is a Hall of Famer, the Dolphins defense tried their best to contain Joe Montana, but at the end of the day it was all about Dan Marino. Trailing 17-10, Marino hit his tight end Ronnie Williams and tied that game at 17. From there, the Dolphins never looked back and sealed the game with an interception in the end zone off Joe Montana. Marino had his vengeance, and this 14-year-old kid, just watched the best game of his life.

Paul L. Picken, Jr.: On The FinSide

There were a number of different games I could choose from as a favorite over the years, but the 2000 Miami at New England game on Christmas Eve will always stand out. It was a game that saw the Dolphins clinch the AFC East at the end of regulation despite sputtering on offense. Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor both pulled in interceptions and Lamar Smith fought tooth and nail on a short touchdown. The game was supposedly finished when the Dolphins forced a Drew Bledsoe fumble to end the game. We were in the parking lot when the New England fans started celebrating that the game WASN’T over after all. The fumble was reviewed and ruled an incomplete pass, pulling both teams from the locker room for that one last play. Miami won the game yet again when the pass fell incomplete, clinching the AFC East for a second time that Christmas Eve.

Chris Shashaty:

A.J. Duhe and the Killer Bs delivered one of the finest defensive performances in team history in the 1982 AFC Championship game win over the New York Jets, 14-0. The game was made all the sweeter by laying a big fat goose egg on the hated NY Jets and stepping over them to earn a trip to Super Bowl XVII. South Florida had endured three days of heavy rains that week, which the Dolphins practiced in. They were ready for the muddy conditions; the Jets weren’t. And we Dol-Fans were ready too as the Orange Bowl had a different, more intense feel to it. As expected, Coach Don Shula went with a conservative game plan given the conditions, relying on the strength of his team (running game and defense). It was the perfect, winning formula. After a scoreless first half in which both offenses struggled, the Jets became impatient and the Killer Bs pounced, applying pressure and forcing mistakes. The crowd went absolutely crazy when Duhe intercepted QB Richard Todd and returned the pick for the decisive TD. The entire stadium was shaking! The feeling in the Orange Bowl during the final two minutes, when the reality of going to the Super Bowl settled over us, was simply unforgettable. All the way home, down Calle Ocho and Coral Way, people honked horns and danced on street corners. The city was euphoric. What a great day to be a Dol-Fan!

Nate “Igor” Smith: DolFans NYC

My favorite Dolphins game was my first Dolphins game. My dad took me to Miami for my 16th birthday to see the Dolphins take on the Falcons in December 1995. It was an amazing trip and a great bonding moment. We happened to be sitting right in front of a drunk Falcons fan who thought it was a good idea to scream at an (almost) 16-year-old kid the whole game. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Jeff George threw another touchdown pass and it seemed as if the game was over. But that's when Marino woke up and took the Dolphins down the field for two unanswered touchdown drives, connecting with Irving Fryar with just seconds left to win the game. As we celebrated, I turned around to the Falcons fan who had been berating me all game only to see that he had passed out. When we left our seats, he was still laying there asleep in his chair. I only wish I could have been there to see his face when he found out his team had just been “Marino-ed.”

Ron Weiss: Ron’s Word Of Miami Dolphins

My favorite game was the 1994 season opener. It was the game that Marino come back against the Patriots after missing most the 1993 season with an Achilles injury. Marino struggled in the preseason but came out strong against the Pats, throwing five touchdowns on a muddy field. I called it “opening day bombs away.”

Carl Leone: Bitchin'Dave's

Growing up in New Jersey, I would catch the Dolphins coming to Shea Stadium and saw some doozies there. During the 1980's, I lived in West Palm Beach and attended 90% of our home games. I never had season tix but would always get into the Orange Bowl and Joe Robbie Stadium.

My roommate's boss had great seats and had to go to a wedding on January 5th, 1985 so he wasn't going to be able to attend the AFC Championship vs the Steelers the next day. We got his great seats ( 26th row on the 35 yard line) and saw Marino and company blow out the Steelers 45-28 enroute to Marino' s only Super Bowl appearance. That was a pretty special day filled with so much hope for the future.

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