Voice Of The Fan: First Round Draft Pick

Posted Apr 21, 2018

Who do you think the Dolphins will draft in the first round?

Dave Blake, Phinfever

This is such a tough one as the Dolphins are in prime position, due to all the "good" quarterbacks in this draft, to grab a playmaking defensive player if they stand pat at #11. If the Dolphins have a chance to draft quarterbacks Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen, then they may try to trade up to #6 with the Colts if either one is available there. It will be very costly, so, my hope is that they stand pat at 11 and draft a linebacker or safety. With that said, I think the Dolphins will draft Alabama safety Minkah Fitzpatrick due to the fact that the NFL is now a passing league and defenses are in the nickel a lot trying to stop that tight end and slants across the middle.

Lisa Johnson, OurTurf Football

My 2018 Miami Dolphins first round pick is LSU running back Derrius Guice. The free agent signing of Frank Gore pushed me into this direction. Clearly, Miami needs a stronger young back to compliment Kenyan Drake and give the Dolphins some depth at this position. There was some interest early on by the Fins and Guice, so I just went with my gut on this one.

Matt Kent,

I think Miami drafts a linebacker. With the early run on the quarterbacks one of the top two linebackers, either Tremaine Edmunds or Roquan Smith, should be there at 11. It is clearly the biggest area of need for our defense which still has problems with the run game and covering tight ends. My selection is Roquan Smith.

Carl Leone, Bitchin' Dave's

That's the final question on "Who wants to be a Millionaire!” And if I knew that, I wouldn't be blogging. I'd be sitting on a golf course somewhere. We will trade back to 14 with the Packers and get their 2nd round pick and then select Roquan Smith, LB Georgia. Teaming him with a returning Raekwon McMillan gives us speed and youth and enthusiasm that leads us all the way to the Super Bowl where we beat the Rams, 24-17.

Chris Shashaty,

Every positional grouping on the team has need for an upgrade; this tends to fit a pure “best player available” approach. Given the anticipated trade activity among the top 10 picks (of which the Dolphins could be a part), it’s tough to zero in on a single prospect. So, we need to make two assumptions: 1) Assuming the Dolphins stay put at No.11, it’s likely that there will be more highly rated defensive players available on their board versus on offense. And, 2) Further assuming one of the top QB prospects do not fall to No.11, the Dolphins will have their pick of 3-4 defenders who could be difference makers. Therefore, my guess is Georgia LB Roquan Smith. He has Pro Bowl caliber potential and would give defensive coordinator Matt Burke that much needed third starter to solidify the LB corps.

Mike Oliva,

I believe the Dolphins will draft quarterback Lamar Jackson out of Louisville. While everyone has their eyes on the big 4 quarterbacks expected to go a top Round 1 of this draft (Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Baker Mayfield) I think the one quarterback with the biggest upside at the end of the day is Lamar Jackson. For one Miami should be able to draft Lamar Jackson without having to trade up and mortgage the future and give up a bunch of draft picks. Second, Jackson's ability to make plays with his legs is second to none and the league hasn't seen anything like this since Mike Vick broke onto the scene some 15 or so years ago. Last but not least he comes from an NFL system in Louisville with Bobby Petrino and the offense Lamar ran in college is translatable to the NFL game. To me Lamar Jackson has the highest ceiling out of all of the quarterbacks in this draft and maybe the highest floor as well I believe.

Paul L. Picken, Jr, On The FinSide

This year's draft is tough to gauge since the top 10 could be so volatile given the 4 quarterbacks that many are projecting to go in the top 10, the teams that are trying to trade up to get one, etc. We actually did a "Top 5 Targets" for the Dolphins at the number 11 pick episode to discuss this very thing. I know there are a lot of Dolphins fans that are screaming to get Baker Mayfield no matter what but the real value for Miami. While Miami could look at safeties Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick if they are available, my gut tells me that both they & Roquan Smith will be gone and Miami will bring in former TE Ferrell Edmunds son Tremaine Edmunds (Linebacker, VA Tech). Like his father, Tremaine is a physical specimen, and he could form a key tandem of young, physically gifted Linebackers with Raek McMillan. The young tandem could combine to be a force to be reckoned with at the second level of Miami's defense helping form a true nucleus for the future while also being productive in the short term.

Mike Reddy,

With the 11th pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select...Vita Vea, Defensive tackle, Washington. This is the statement I hope to hear on the evening of April 26th. Other than to grab guard‎ Quenton Nelson, I don't want a trade to move up. At 6'4" / 347 lbs., Vea has been dubbed a "freakish athlete" (can you say punt return coverage??) with the surprising speed and brute strength (a 5.10-40 / 41 reps at the Combine respectively) to demand double teams at the point of attack; woe is the center who doesn't get help, as he will be pummeled by Vita's instinctive upper burst. While at Washington, Vea was also used as an edge rusher when scheme (or teammate injury) required. His position coach noted "he's got the footwork like an LB or even a DB. He can back pedal with the best of them, change direction and flip his hips.” With the departure of Suh, we need a stud to anchor the middle of the D-Line alongside Phillips and Godchaux (who are rotational); a player who can eat up blocks to allow journeymen Wake / Quinn/ Hayes and sophomore Harris to pin back their ears and get at the QB. Constant pressure is the key to this defense. The solution is Vea....a younger, faster, stronger and hungrier version of Suh; an athlete with the versatility to let DC Matt Burke scheme to a 3-4 (to shutdown edge running backs) or even a 3-3-3 (extra safety to cover the tight ends who seem to light us up year after year). In addition to what would be a formidable 4-3 base set. We need a day-one impact starter with our first pick this year....and Vita is the behemoth for the job!

Luis D. Sung,

Picking a name in this draft is difficult simply because there are so many directions that this could go in, and pretty much every factor plays into what the Dolphins will do with the 11th overall pick. If a quarterback such as Josh Rosen slides to 11 somehow, then that would probably be who they pick because of the potential (despite my pro-Ryan Tannehill status), but if the four quarterbacks are already off the board, then the most likely scenario would be defense, but there's no telling who will be available at 11. This is one of those drafts where guess work is pretty much the best that can be done. So, assuming things simply go the way I want, I will choose Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick for the 11th overall pick. He has the versatility to play just about anywhere on the field at any given moment, and with the extra emphasis on pass-catching tight ends in today's NFL, Miami would be wise to consider using three safeties in the secondary more often, which is where Fitzpatrick comes into play.

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