Voice Of The Fan: Keys To Victory On Sunday

Posted Sep 15, 2017

Which is the key matchup for the Dolphins to win in order to be victorious on Sunday at the Chargers?

Michael Brothers,

The key to victory to beat the Chargers will likely be the same all year. Win the battle in the trenches, especially regarding o-line. If we can't keep Jay Cutler upright then we will not likely have any success on offence and it's hard to win if you can't score! Applying pressure on Philip Rivers is a very close second to the play of our offensive line.

Dave Buchler –

The Dolphins’ offensive line vs. the Chargers’ defensive line is key. They need to protect Jay Cutler and open holes for Jay Ajayi. If those two things can happen, the Dolphins will be repeat their 2014 shutout of the Chargers.

Curt Fennell, 

The key to Miami's offense will be run blocking by the offensive line, because despite their very impressive set of receivers, getting Jay Ajayi some running room will set up everything else. L.A. has a very impressive set of pass rushers, with Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, but if Miami can get its running game going, the Chargers won't be able to tee off on Jay Cutler. Fortunately for Miami, the Chargers' run defense looks suspect. They gave up 140 yards rushing to Denver in their first game.

Brian Miller - FinsRadio 

The biggest challenge the Dolphins will face this week will be on the offensive line. Specifically, the play of Laremy Tunsil against Joey Bosa. This is a battle that could decide the game. If Tunsil can't handle the pass rush from the outside then Jay Cutler will have a long afternoon.

Brian Catanzaro, On The FinSide

The key matchup for me is Cameron Wake vs. Chargers RT Joe Barksdale. Barksdale is a fringe starter at best for the Chargers, and it's key for the Dolphins’ best pass-rusher to keep the heat on QB Philip Rivers. Rivers threw 4 interceptions in the fourth quarter alone in the 31-24 Dolphins’ victory last season, thanks largely to a great pass rush. Wake's performance against right tackles on Sunday often dictates the overall success of the Dolphins defense.

Matt Kent,

The Dolphins are going to need to win the battle on the defensive line. We will need heavy pressure on Philip Rivers so he doesn't have time to look for the open receiver, and then we will have to be strong against the run to keep Melvin Gordon in check.

Carl Leone, Bitchin' Dave's

Stopping the run game and making Philip Rivers one dimensional is key. Rivers is a good quarterback without an effective run game, but he can eat you alive and blow you out with one. By the same token, we need to run the ball well and limit Rivers' chances.

Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider

The offensive line had been a question mark all summer, between losing players to injury and other players returning from injuries last year. They have to win their match up against the Chargers' defensive line if Miami is going to have any chance in this game. Blocking for Jay Cutler and opening running lanes for Jay Ajayi is going to make or break this game, and that will all come down to whether or not the offensive line can play like a veteran unit despite limited playing time together.

Mike Oliva,

They key match-up for this week’s game vs. the Chargers will be the Dolphins’ offensive line vs. Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram and the Chargers’ pass rush. If the Dolphins’ offensive line can hold up and give Jay Cutler time to throw against a good Chargers front seven on defense, I think the odds of the Dolphins’ offense being successful and putting up points will be very good. The Chargers secondary is suspect and if the Dolphins can protect Cutler and give him time to get the ball to Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker and Jarvis Landry, Miami should have a very good day.

Luis D. Sung, PhinManiacs

The defensive line must put pressure on Philip Rivers consistently throughout this game and Cameron Wake and Ndamukong Suh will be key players in this. The Chargers’ offensive line has struggled to keep Rivers protected and the Dolphins defensive line is built to rush the passer. So, if they can force Rivers to make mistakes - like they have in years’ past - then the Dolphins will emerge victorious once again. Chargers O-line vs. Dolphins D-Line, that matchup will decide this game.

Peter Whybrow, Dolfan UK

The key to victory this week is going to be in the trenches on both sides of the ball. First off, Mike Pouncey and company are going to have to slow down the Chargers’ pass rush, lead by Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram, if they are disruptive, Jay Cutler won’t have time to find his receivers and may be forced into some costly errors. On the defensive side, it has been shown in the past that if you can knock Philip Rivers around he gets flustered and becomes less efficient and tries to force balls into tight spaces. They have to be careful though as Melvin Gordon could cause problems and needs to be keyed on if the Chargers get into the red zone as he is the top scoring threat when L.A. get into the scoring zone.

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