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Posted Oct 13, 2017

At the quarter mark of the season, who is your Dolphins MVP?

Michael Brothers,

My MVP through quarter of the season is the entire defense. They have kept us close enough to have a 2-2 record and certainly in the mix early on. Our defense played a good game in our two losses especially given the fact they were on the field for a very long time. Hats off to the defense. Now let's see the offense step up in the second quarter of the season!

Dave Gray,

The defense has stepped up to keep the team in games.  And no player has been the face of that defense more than Ndamukong Suh.

Matt Kent,

The MVP for the first quarter has to be Ndomakong Suh. The run defense has dramatically improved and has been the most consistent aspect of the team through four games. And when it comes to run defense it all starts with the big man in the middle.

Brian Miller - PhinPhanatic 

 I’m not sure I have a clear MVP but the play of Ndamukong Suh this year seems to be at a new level for even him. He is showcasing more speed than I expected and is focused on run defense.

Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider 

 I’m going to look to someone who may not have huge stat totals (13 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble), but is setting the tone for an improved run defense. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has simply been a beast in the middle of the line of scrimmage, whether he is forcing the play back into the running back, or he is freeing up linebackers to get after the runner. There are plenty of other reasons the Dolphins have the number five run defense in the league right now, including the additions of William Hayes, Lawrence Timmons, Rey Maualuga, and Davon Godchaux, but Suh is the start of s dominant defense, and right now, he is giving Miami a dominant run defense.

Paul L. Picken, Jr., On The FinSide

The Dolphins MVP thus far in the season could go a few different ways, but for me you have to give it to Ndamukong Suh.  The Dolphins defense has exceeded expectations this season, and that all starts up front with the push that Suh has gotten.  He may be playing the best football I’ve seen from him, which says a lot for a player of his caliber.

Lisa Johnson, OurTurf Football

At the quarter-mark, it has to be LB Kiko Alsonso. After four games he already has 28 tackles and one sack. He is well on his way to having another very productive season.

Carl Leone, Bitchin’ Dave's

It's easy to overlook anyone on offense. On the defensive side of the ball, there are two players standing out. Kiko Alonso has played very well, collecting 20 tackles, 8 assists and 1 sack. But getting Rashad Jones back at safety has helped stabilize our secondary with the young corners and he is producing another Pro Bowl season leading the team with 23 tackles while adding 3 assists, 0.5 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries, including the heads up return for a TD last week against Tennessee. Jones gets my vote.

Mike Oliva,

At the quarter mark of the season, the Dolphins MVP to me is Kiko Alonso. Kiko has been outstanding in all four games Miami has played in thus far and has really shined this season on a Dolphins defense that is playing outstanding. Alonso has been great against the run, has pressured the quarterback multiple times, and has also been very good in coverage as well. The Dolphins defense has been far and away the strength of the team thus far this season and Alonso has been the MVP of the defense and therefore the MVP of the team through four games.

 Peter Whybrow - DolFan UK

It has to be Kiko Alonso. He started off strong and has maintained a high level of play thus far.  Last week’s game was his best so far coming up with a sack fumble, a pass defensed and seven tackles. For his efforts, he was the highest graded linebacker according to PFF. Now that Lawrence Timmons and Rey Maualuga are starting, he should be even more effective as teams won’t be able to plan on taking him out of the game. His speed and motor are on show every week. 

Chris Shashaty,

Our MVP at the quarter mark of the season is Reshad Jones, who is delivering an All-Pro level performance for a much-improved defensive unit. Whether it is sacking the QB, recovering fumbles, scoring TDs, defending tight ends and receivers, coming up hard in run support, or the myriad of other things he does that don’t show up on a stat sheet, Jones has been making his presence keenly felt all over the field. Last week versus Tennessee, Jones alertly scooped up and returned a fumble for a TD in a 16-10 Dolphins win. At his current level of production, don’t be surprised if he is included in the discussion for Defensive Player of the Year honors.

Nate “Igor” Smith, Dolfans NYC

Reshad Jones has been my favorite player on the Dolphins since his second year on the team. When I tried to buy his jersey the team store didn't even sell it and I found it was cheaper to buy an actual game used jersey from NFL Auction than to get a custom one made. Years later the Pro Bowl safety is the heart of the defense, leading the team in solo tackles and nearly single handedly winning the game against the Titans with two fumble recoveries and a touchdown.

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