Voice Of The Fan: The Perfect Season

Posted Oct 20, 2017

Brian Miller,

I was only three when the Dolphins went undefeated, but growing up I knew how significant that was. How the team got to perfection was amazing to me. Behind a backup quarterback no less. For whatever reason, my parents kept the Miami Herald sports section the day after the Super Bowl and I kept it after that. I still have it today. It's worn and a little tattered but it's still readable. The '72 team was without question a "team" and that is my lasting memory of that season and the Super Bowl.

Curt Fennell,

I have many lasting memories from 1972, but the one that I think of most is Larry Seiple's fake punt against the Steelers in the AFC Championship game. That play may be the most important one of the 1972 season, as the Steelers were dominating that game, when Seiple took the snap and ran 37 yards to keep a drive alive and shift the momentum away from the Steelers. What people forget about Seiple is that he was also a receiver for the Dolphins and in 1969, caught 41 passes for 577 yards and 5 touchdowns. That kind of versatility is all but gone in the modern NFL.

Carl Leone, Bitchin' Dave's

My fondest memory from the 1972 season is talking about the Dolphins in gym class with my old football coach at Manville (N.J.) High School. Mr. Pat Lamastro was the roommate and teammate of Vern Den Herder at Central College in Iowa. As the season progressed, he didn't think we would go undefeated and would tease me about rooting for them. Little did I know that he roomed with Den Herder. He waited until the week of the Super Bowl to tell me. That week was intense in class but all went well. Pat and I remain good friends to this day. He still (gives me a hard time) about the Dolphins.

Mike Oliva,

The lasting memory I have of the 1972 Perfect Season is Bob Griese taking over the quarterback position in the second half of the AFC Championship game against Pittsburgh to lead Miami to a victory. Miami was down 10-7 in the second half of that game and Griese comes in and goes 3-for-5 passing for 70 yards in the second half and sparked a Miami comeback to lead them to the Super Bowl.

Dave Buchler,

The 1972 Perfect Season is the reason why I became a Miami Dolphins fan. I was only 6 years old, but I can remember watching the Super Bowl like it was yesterday. My memory about the game that stands out the most had to be the first moment in my life that I went from complete joy to total sorrow, which actually included sobbing tears. It was in late in the fourth quarter. Dolphins leading 14-0. Garo Yepremian attempted a field goal, which would have put the Dolphins ahead 17-0, leaving no chance for the Redskins. But, Garo had his kick blocked, he then picked up the ball, attempted a pass, but was intercepted by the Redskins, and ran back for touchdown. The next two “football” minutes were the longest two minutes of my six-year life. Fortunately, there was a happy ending!

Ron Weiss, Ron’s World of Miami Dolphins

I had been to many of the games from that year and look back on that season. I give Earl Morrall a lot of credit to come in when Bob (Griese) went down with the leg injury. He does not get enough credit for all he did to help the ’72 team win while number 12 was out. Also, how can we not forget the Garo (Yepremian) attempted pass in Super Bowl VII. LOL.