Voice Of The Fan: Top Offseason Roster Move

Posted Jun 30, 2017

The Dolphins have an international fan base and many of our supporters run web sites dedicated to covering and supporting their favorite team. Each week on “Voice of the Fan” we’ll get their thoughts and opinions on a variety of Dolphins and NFL subjects.

This week’s question: What was the best Dolphins roster move this offseason and why?

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Brian “Cat” Catanzaro: On The FinSide

Re-signing Kenny Stills to a reported 4-year contract for $32 million was a steal and keeps Ryan Tannehill’s star wide receiver trio intact. He caught touchdown passes of 39, 43, 52 and 66 yards in close games during the Dolphins’ late-season playoff run thanks to his elite deep speed. At just 25, should turn into a better all-around better with the Dolphins over the next 4 years.

Curt Fennell:

Last year, Miami's defense was not nearly as good as the offense, which means the biggest opportunity for team improvement rests with the defense. So Lawrence Timmons could be the best addition - and he still can be - but his performance over the last few years has fallen off and his contribution is too uncertain. So I'm going to go with Charles Harris as the best addition. I think he'll become a disruptive force in pass rushing and that can only help the team. Honorable mention: Julius Thomas 

Eric Frosbutter:

The best offseason move made by the Dolphins this year is the re-signing of Kenny Stills, narrowly edging out the extension of Reshad Jones. Even though Stills has never exceeded 1,000 yards in a season for his career, he brings a certain dynamic to Miami's offense that opens up opportunities for other players. We failed to see it in his first year as a Dolphin under then Head Coach Joe Philbin, but Adam Gase has implemented his game beautifully. The Dolphins offense is just simply better with their three top receivers, and losing Stills could have offset that. The fact that they were able to bring him back on a fairly reasonable contract makes it all that much better.

Lisa Johnson:

I have to honestly say for me it was the resigning defensive end Cameron Wake. It’s great to be able to finally see a player being rewarded instead of being released. A refreshing change here in Miami. This regime recognizes the importance of keeping players around that can make a difference on and off the field. Having a veteran presence like Cam in that locker room is huge for us. His 110 percent effort on every play only elevates players around him so to re-sign him to me was big.

Carl Leone:

We added quite a few new faces but I am not convinced any one of them would be so dominant at his position that he will put us in the Super Bowl. We certainly improved our depth at defensive end, safety, linebacker and guard. If I have to pick out one move that helped us out the most, I have to go with re-signing John Denney, our long snapper. That's a very important role in getting field goals and extra points started off right and putting points on the board. How many bad snaps can you remember in the past 192 games that Denney has snapped for us?

Mike Oliva:

The best roster move Miami made this offseason was signing linebacker Lawrence Timmons. The Dolphins needed to address the run defense this offseason and improve the talent level at the linebacker position overall. Timmons does both of those things. Not to mention Timmons comes from a winning program in Pittsburgh and brings veteran leadership to a young Dolphins team. While trading for Julius Thomas and keeping Kenny Stills were important roster moves on the offensive side of the ball, the Dolphins defense had more pressing needs. Timmons gives Miami that tackling machine type linebacker it has been sorely missing.

Nathan Shickle: Dolfan UK

Signing Reshad Jones to a contract extension. If last season's injury doesn't affect his performance and he can stay healthy, that contract will be well worth it. He will bring added leadership to the secondary helping it to be a stronger unit and will provide much needed run support as only he can. It will be good to see number 20 back patrolling the middle of the field, dishing out big hits to anybody who dares enter his zone.

Luis Sung:

I have always said that a strong linebacker corps is the key to a strong defense. The defensive line is the front, the secondary is the back, but the linebackers are in the middle and they are often charged with doing everything that the other two units do, along with their own specific roles. One key common denominator for the recent failures of the Miami Dolphins defense over these past few seasons is a very weak linebacker corps, and teams have exploited that weakness to the fullest. All the investment in the secondary, all the investment in the defensive line, it ultimately hasn't borne much fruit because the linebackers have ultimately been left untouched. So that is why the investment in the linebacker corps is the best move Miami made this offseason. The addition of Lawrence Timmons, the extension of Kiko Alonso, the drafting of Raekwon McMillan, all that should lead - at long last - to a solid linebacker corps that teams can no longer simply scoff at, and the defense will - at long last - go back to being something worth respecting.

Gino Vitale:

The best roster move this offseason was re-signing Reshad Jones to a long-term contract. Since he was drafted and from the first time that I saw him on the field, I knew that he was the real deal. He is the undisputed quarterback of the defense.

Michael Brothers:

I think one of the best offseason moves was re-signing Kenny Stills. Stills is only 25 years old and is really starting to develop chemistry with Ryan Tannehill. While some feel it was a high price, I disagree. In today's NFL you will almost always overpay in free agency, especially at the skilled positions. In a couple of years this contract will look like a steal if Stills continues to play at the same level. It also lets the players know we look after our own.