Voice Of The Fan: Training Camp MVP

Posted Aug 11, 2017

Michael Brothers -

My training camp MVP so far is Leonte Carroo. Being more than 2,000 miles from Miami, I obviously rely on news articles and other people's opinions. But, I really like what I hear about Carroo. An MVP might be a little generous, but given his small contribution last year, and the amount we gave up to draft him, there is certainly some added pressure on him. He appears to be putting it aside and going to work each day and contributing. Good job Leonte, keep it going into the season.

Brian “Cat” Catanzaro, FinNation

Jakeem Grant looked like an unrefined wind-up toy for the Dolphins in 2016. There was a lot of bad (put the ball on the ground 5 times in the final 9 games) and good (see TD vs. Titans) for Grant as a rookie, but it's clear something special is there. He caught 2 touchdowns in practice this week and is starting to showcase the receiving skills that allowed him to catch 90 passes for 1268 yards in his final year at Texas Tech. He could give Leonte Carroo a run for his money for the #4 WR spot.

Brad Coots, Phinfever

Raekwon McMillian. He’s a rookie middle linebacker coming in and taking over lining up the defense and stepping up to the plate to lead the defense as the second youngest player in the entire NFL.

Sean Denison,

I would have to say Raekwon McMillan. To be a rookie and grab a starting spot is surprising. The coaches, players and reporters at camp say nothing but good things about him. Keep in mind, he's the youngest player on the roster at 20, which makes his accomplishments in camp that more impressive.

Curt Fennell,

So far, the most "valuable" player in training camp has been Jay Cutler. Even though he's only participated in two practices, he has brought back some hope for the 2017 season after Ryan Tannehill went down with a leg injury. If he lives up to his potential, the Dolphins will be contenders for the playoffs this year. But we should not forget rookie DT Davon Godchaux. Despite being a fifth-round draft choice, he appears to have beaten out Jordan Phillips as the starting DT opposite Suh.

Eric Frosbutter,

I have to say it should be Raekwon McMillan. Has stepped right into the starting middle linebacker spot, and has the look of a born leader. It’s very impressive for a rookie to do that.

Lisa Johnson, nflfemale

No question that it is wide receiver DeVante Parker right now. The kid is catching everything thrown his way. It seems like he is 100 percent healthy and its showing.

Carl Leone, Bitchin'Dave's

My training camp MVP is DeVante Parker for two reasons. Number 1, he has learned to take care of his body and is as healthy as he has ever been in his life. Number 2, from what I hear, he is producing in camp by making some tough catches. Wide receivers generally need a couple of years to learn all the nuances of their position and then break out in their 3rd year. Well this is year three for Parker so I expect big things out of him this season.

Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider

I think I am going to look toward safety Michael Thomas. He simply does everything asked of him every single day. Special teams work? Yep. Reserve safety? Got it. Start at nickel cornerback? Be right there. Thomas is just a special player who seems to always be exactly what the Dolphins need at that moment. He is not the most flashy player out on the field every day, but he gets the job done and he is willing to do whatever the team needs - that makes him the MVP.

Mike Oliva,

The training camp MVP so far is Raekwon McMillan and I am not even sure if there is a close second. McMillian as a rookie is the starting middle linebacker every practice, calling all the defensive plays in the huddle. To have a stronghold on the starting middle linebacker spot at this point is beyond impressive. Kiko Alonso played a solid middle linebacker for a Miami team last year that won 10 games and Lawrence Timmons has been in the league for 10 years and has a pretty good NFL resume as a middle linebacker, so for a rookie who was drafted in the second-round to come in and beat both out for the middle linebacker position day one is exciting as a fan to see. McMillan looks to be the real deal at linebacker and has been the MVP in training camp thus far.

Paul L. Picken, Jr. “On The FinSide”

Jay Cutler and Ryan Tannehill are both an obvious choice here for me. Given Tannehill’s re-aggravation of his injury, the way Cutler was able to come in off the street – and make no mistakes – he was absolutely needed to save the season. He has erased any doubts immediately with a VERY strong performance in his first action of camp completing long TD passes as well as passes with precision in both the short and intermediate game is huge. A season that looked lost when Tannehill went down immediately looked less bleak once Cutler showed what he did in just his first practice. Cutler demonstrated that he still had the ability that made him appear to be on the right track in 2015 with a lesser supporting cast than he currently has in Miami, keeping the possibilities intact for the 2017 season. You can’t mention the fact that Cutler was immediately a star in camp without immediately mentioning what a star Tannehill has been since Cutler arrived. He has been an absolute professional both on and off the field in assisting Cutler as well as the receivers. With the health of his knee, and thus his 2017 season, currently in limbo he has been nothing but a team player in saying all the right things, helping Cutler with the offense and more. It would’ve been very easy for Tannehill to not be involved, and instead he’s seized the opportunity to show his leadership even if he is unable to play at this time.