Voice Of The Fan: Your Dolphins Mount Rushmore

Posted Jul 14, 2017

The Dolphins have an international fan base and many of our supporters run web sites dedicated to covering and supporting their favorite team. Each week on “Voice of the Fan” we’ll get their thoughts and opinions on a variety of Dolphins and NFL subjects.

This week’s question: Who would you place on the Dolphins version of Mount Rushmore?

Dave Buchler,

My Dolphins Mount Rushmore would have to be Joe Robbie, Don Shula, Dan Marino and Greg Camarillo.  I realize that it would have been easy to have Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas as my fourth person, but we have to remember that day in Dec. 2007 when Greg Camarillo caught the deciding touchdown pass from Cleo Lemon in overtime to prevent the Dolphins from going winless that season. 

Brian “Cat” Catanzaro, “On The FinSide”: 

Dan Marino and Dan Shula are the obvious choices.  Jason Taylor, a first-ballot Hall of Famer and seventh all time in career sacks, is number three.  The fourth is a toughie.  I went with middle linebacker Nick Buoniconti because it would be a shame to leave all 11 members of the 1972 No-Name Defense off of this Dolphins Mount Rushmore.  Other considerations were running back Larry Csonka, wide receiver Paul Warfield, center Dwight Stephenson, linebacker Zach Thomas and cornerback Sam Madison.

Curt Fennell,

The first three people who should be on the Dolphins' Mt. Rushmore were easy to figure out. Joe Robbie founded the team, brought Don Shula to Miami and build the current stadium without any money from the city itself. And then, of course, there's Don Shula and Dan Marino - who are... well... Don Shula and Dan Marino. My fourth spot was more difficult to determine, but mine goes to Bob Griese, who I think is generally underrated in the history of the league. Griese played 14 years, went to eight Pro Bowls, was a first-team all-pro twice, went to three Super Bowls (winning two) and helped the Dolphins to their perfect 1972 season. And he did all this while calling his own plays, as the quarterbacks did in those days.

Lisa Johnson, nflfemale

The first one is the easiest. Joe Robbie. Without Joe, there's no Miami Dolphins. My second is Dan Marino for the obvious reason he's the best quarterback to ever play the game. My third choice is Don Shula, the winningest coach in Dolphins history. My fourth and final choice is Larry Csonka. You can't think about the perfect season without your first thought being Csonka.

Jeff Kelly,

Don Shula, Dan Marino, Larry Csonka and Jason Taylor. No explanation needed!!

Matt Kent,

Don Shula is the winningest all-time coach, who led the Miami Dolphins from obscurity to NFL dominance for decades and brought Miami to their only Super Bowls. Dan Marino is the most recognized and famed player in team history. He is responsible for the Dolphins being popular through the 80s and 90s and bringing the team to a whole new generation of fans. Larry Csonka is still one of the most respected iconic legends in team history. Famous for his toughness, his results and his durability. And that nose would look awesome chiseled in granite on a mountain. Jason Taylor is the most accomplished Miami Dolphins defender in team history. Hall of Famer and fan favorite.

Carl Leone, Bitchin'Dave's: 

Let’s compare who is on Mount Rushmore to whom I would put on our Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore.

George Washington, our Revolutionary Army's Commander in Chief and our first President. Our country's forefathers declared to be free from England but without Washington's guidance in war and peace, we may never have gotten off the ground. If it wasn't for Joe Robbie's vision of placing the first professional franchise in Miami, the Dolphins may not have even gotten off the ground. So, let’s start with Joe Robbie.

Next, from left to right, is Thomas Jefferson, who authored our Declaration of Independence and as our third President, he doubled the size of our country with the Louisiana Purchase. Who wrote more records for us than Dan Marino? Who doubled the size of our fan base more than Dan Marino?

We move on to Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President, who was instrumental in constructing the Panama Canal, linking the east to west and was known as the "trust buster" for his work to end large corporate monopolies and ensure the rights of the common working man. To pick one guy who could bust anything and was a true working man for the Dolphins and I would go with Larry Csonka.

Finally, we come to Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, who held the country together through the Civil War and saved the union. I can think of no greater savior to the Dolphins than Don Shula.

So, there you have the Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore of Joe Robbie, Dan Marino, Larry Csonka and Don Shula.

Simon Myers, Dolfan UK:

Joe Robbie is the father and founder of the franchise, without him there would be no Dolphins.  Don Shula, the winningest NFL coach ever who gave us everything. Dan Marino, the all-time best player and best pure passer the game has ever seen. Jake Scott, safety and Super Bowl VII MVP during the unbeaten '72 season.

Matt Stevens,

Don Shula is the coach for the entire "golden age" in Dolphins history and owns the NFL record for wins. Dan Marino is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Larry Csonka was the main catalyst for the Dolphins back-to-back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. In an era when offenses were primarily run focused, Csonka was one of the best in the league. Jason Taylor is considered the best Dolphins player of the 21st century.  Most Dolphins fans under the age of 30 consider Taylor the “face of the franchise.”

Luis Sung -

The Mount Rushmore of the Miami Dolphins will obviously have at least two members by default in every list, those members being Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino and Coach Don Shula, both for quite obvious reasons. But the last two slots are where things start getting somewhat cloudy, as no other members in the Dolphins history are quite as storied as those two. For me, I would have to say that the final two members would have to be Jason Taylor and - quite honestly - Stephen Ross. I'm sure many will understand why I chose Taylor, as he's the franchise leader in sacks and is beloved by all. But Ross is an odd choice; I chose him not because of how savvy he is as an owner, but because of his tendency towards philanthropy. The Dolphins are the most community-oriented team I know, making the world a better place like no other NFL team, and much of that is because of Ross. For that reason alone, he deserves a spot. 

Ron Weiss, Ron’s World Of Miami Dolphins:

Dan Marino simply is the greatest quarterback in Dolphins History.  Don Shula is the greatest head coach in NFL history with the most wins. Owner Joe Robbie for bringing pro football to Miami.  Bob Greise for the perfect season.

Travis Wingfield,

Don Shula and Dan Marino headline Miami's Mount Rushmore, while Jason Taylor and his 139.5 career sacks defined the defensive era of the 2000’s Dolphins. Representing the greatest backfield in NFL history, and the fourth face carved in the stone is Larry Csonka. Shula, Marino, Taylor and Csonka are the four members of the Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore.  

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