Wake: We Have To Go Out There And Show It

Posted Aug 2, 2013

Defensive end Cam Wake meets with the media to discuss the importance of Sunday's preseason opener against the Cowboys. Also, hear Wake talk about giving out a pair of cleats and practice pants to a young fan after Friday's practice.

(On key things the team needs to do during Sunday’s game) – “I was going to tell some of the young guys, you know what, this is literally a job interview. What you do out here, it’s football but these are your own teammates. There are certain levels of professional courtesy we apply to one another while playing. That doesn’t really apply on Sunday. You know, just going out there knowing what you have to do, playing fast, playing hard and getting your job done, whatever your job is. Every guy from the first guy on the roster to the last guy has to go out there and show what he can do.”

(On what he wants to see from the defensive line on Sunday) – “Kind of what I said, we kind of have to play together as a unit. Everybody has to be where they are supposed to be, make sure they take care of their gap and the guys from the left to the right are doing the same thing. As a defense, we have a lot to improve on and we have a lot to continue the things we’ve done well in the past. As a unit, just going out there and doing the same things that we’ve been doing the past couple of years, obviously stopping the run, getting to the quarterback, and some of the things we haven’t done so well like taking the football away, doing things like that. I’m looking forward to that, and definitely looking forward to looking at some of the young guys running around.”

(On assistant a local kid in the community earlier in the morning) – “I had somebody approach me about a young guy. He’s actually bigger than I am, and he’s 12-years old. He’s having trouble finding some cleats and some pants. I actually remember back to my first days of football (where) I didn’t have any equipment. I actually used my coaches cleats, a couple of sizes too big, and I was running around there looking a mess. Just being able to kind of giving back and hopefully making his first day of football a little easier than mine was. It just feels good, one of those good feeling kind of things.”

(On his thoughts about the defensive line so far and if it should be one of the best in the NFL) – “Yeah, we should be. And, you know me, I’m one of those guys on paper doesn’t do anything. Papers have never won a game. It’s not one of those things where just because we have some All-Pros, Pro Bowlers and first-rounder’s, now we can just throw our hat in the ring and everyone wins. We have to go out there and show it.”

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