Wallace: Grimes Is A Great Football Player

Posted Jul 27, 2013

Wide receiver Mike Wallace discusses hooking up with quarterback Ryan Tannehill on a long pass during Saturday's practice as well as the different ways in which he might be used within the Dolphins offense this fall. Also, hear Wallace comment on his practice battles with Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes.

(On competing against Brent Grimes) – “Every day is competitive, he gets me, I get him, so it’s fun, its work.’

(On how it is getting the timing with Wallace, as they are running many different routes) – “It’s different, just because we’re working so many deep routes. We are working come backs, come back goes, stutter goes, curl goes, out and ups. It’s a lot of different ones. It will take a couple days but I think we’re getting closer every day, we finally got one, at least in one on ones, so we’re going to continue to progress every single day. Our work after practice is going to get us there, we have a long way to go…we have a long preseason. We’ve got time to prepare, and I think by the time we get to where we need to be at, we’ll be fine.

(On if Brent Grimes surprised him by a play made in practice) – “Nothing surprises me with Brent man, this guy…I see something different from him every day. He’s a great football player, great competitor and if it’s one guy out here I expect to do things like that, it’s him.

(On if he likes the opportunity to move around with the offense) – “Definitely, it’s exciting because I know I’ll have more opportunities. Coach has put me in great position to get the ball. We’re still running base offense right now. Just the point of being in those different spots is exciting for me. I think when game time comes, I’ll get a lot of opportunities and I’ll be happy.
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