What They Are Saying About JT

Posted Dec 28, 2011

Read some quotes from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and others about the prolific career of Jason Taylor.

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

“I want to thank Jason for all he has done for the Dolphins and the South Florida community. His contributions on the field as one of the greatest players in team history will be remembered by Dolphin fans for years to come, and his charitable works off the field that has benefited so many people will leave a timeless legacy of his community service.

"When I think of Jason, a few things stand out in my mind -- his dynamic role as one of the most feared defensive players in NFL history, a devoted husband and father, and one of the most generous and caring members of our community. Whether it’s organizing his “Cool Gear for the School Year” shopping spree for needy children, relentlessly running down a quarterback out of the pocket, or chasing his boys around the Dolphin locker room, Jason exemplifies what it means to be a professional athlete and a role model.

"While he may be retiring as a player, he will always remain an integral part of the Dolphin family, contributing to the team and the community he has grown to love. We congratulate him for all he has done, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with him as he begins the next chapter of his life.”

Former Dolphins Head Coach Jimmy Johnson

"Jason caught my eye when he was outstanding in the Senior Bowl. A lot of teams thought he was undersized and that's why we were able to get him in the 3rd round...little did any of us realize just how great a player he would become. Congratulations to Jason, a future Hall of Famer."

Former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas

"It was a true honor to play alongside of Jason for as many years as I did. He was the ultimate teammate whose passion and love for the game was unmatched. As talented as he is, it was so much more than that. It shows in his stats, but it wasn't just about the sacks. He was always around the ball making big, impact plays. Touchdowns, interceptions, forced fumbles. To accomplish those things at that position is simply amazing. And when it came to competing, that was just another level. It didn't matter what he did! It could a pick-up basketball game where there was no money on the line, no records being kept, no TV, no people to watch - but JT wanted to win. He needed to win! He was always competing, on the practice field, wherever he was. But in between those lines, on that field on Sundays, Jason just has a different mindset. And you always knew it mattered to him. Nobody likes to lose but with some players you could see they weren't as affected after a loss. Not with Jason. You truly knew it meant something to him. He took losses harder than anyone I ever played with. Looking back, Jason was the ultimate professional, but not just on the field. He had a Hall of Fame career, but if you look at the things he accomplished in the community with his Foundation, he was not only a legend on the field, but off of it as well."

Former Dolphins guard Mark Dixon

"JT was as good as I ever played against. The total package. He understood the game and then combined that with being extremely talented. JT was also a workaholic. He demanded that you became better if you played against him, which was part of his uniqueness. Every day in practice he would work on some part of his game and then demand that you work on a part of your game as well. It was a reciprocal relationship for sure. He wanted to know what I was facing that week and would try to give me that. Instead of him just working on his game, he would ask, 'Mark, what does the guy do,' and then he would rush that way when it was my turn to work. Then he wanted the same from me. Everything pointed towards Sunday.towards the game, and he demanded that you work on your game too. He truly is a team guy that way and I think some of those things get lost with JT because of all of the extra curricular stuff he gets. But at his core, deep down at his core, he is a locker room football player and that's why everybody loved playing with him."

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