Words From The Opposition, 10/10

Posted Oct 10, 2012

St. Louis players and coaches discuss the upcoming game.

“I watched a little bit of him as we prepared for the Cardinals, but now that we’ve spent time with him, I’m just very, very impressed. He’s got tremendous poise, he throws with accuracy, he’s not making mistakes and he’s doing a great job in that offense. Up-tempo, high tempo, making decisions, changing plays on the line of scrimmage and it’s clear and evident that he’s very comfortable with the offense. (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Mike) Sherman … obviously, the two of them are on the same page and I think there’s a great future ahead. It was a fine pick for the Dolphins.” – Rams head coach Jeff Fisher on Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill

“Just what they’ve done to some really good running games here early in the season. How well they played not only against Houston, but what they’re doing average per carry, it’s clear that they’re number one in the league for a reason in rushing yards per game, because they tackle very well and they’re very stout up front and they understand run schemes and they attack them. So, it’s going to be a challenge for us to run the football.” – Fisher on Miami’s run defense

“For one we’re definitely aware that their offense moves at a fast pace. They do things on the fly and that creates a unique problem for defense. They’ve really done a nice job of running the football. Reggie (Bush) has done a really nice job and he’s improved greatly. He’s improved greatly and he’s just become really a good every down back, but obviously the first thing that jumps out is Tannehill. He’s playing like a vet, throwing well on the move and he’s really composed. You can tell that he’s very comfortable in the offense he’s in and he’s got all the tools.” – Rams defensive end Chris Long on Miami’s no-huddle offense and specifically the play of Tannehill

“Jake and I probably won’t talk this week until this Sunday but I talk to Jake semi-regularly and I’ve just got a lot of respect for him. He’s a tough football player, he’s a great football, he’s been able to achieve a lot down there and I’m just really happy for him. I just remember that whole process not knowing where we were going to go and I think we’re both very lucky and I think we both really enjoy where we play football. It’s good to see good people go far in the league, so I’m very happy for Jake.” – Long on his relationship with Dolphins left tackle Jake Long since they were selected 1-2 in the 2008 NFL Draft
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