Words From The Opposition, 11/13

Posted Nov 13, 2012

Six days later we hear from another team.

A short week and a divisional opponent means a little extra adrenaline on both sidelines as the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills prepare to square off Thursday night.

These two teams typically don’t engage in a war of words like the Jets and Dolphins did earlier, so here’s what the opposition had to say:

“The thing that has happened with him is that he’s done amazingly well for a rookie. They’re doing a good job of letting him get the ball out of his hands. They’re protecting him, letting him throw the ball down the field when he needs to throw the ball down the field and he’s really done a good job. He’s protected the ball well, even though he gave up a few this past week, but he’s protected the ball well overall this year. So I think he’s still learning and growing as a quarterback but he’s done a good job so far.” – Bills head coach Chan Gailey on the play of Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill

“They are a strong group and physical up front. They do a good job with mixing up their coverages to keep you off balance and they don’t ever let you lock in to any one thing, which is good for them and it makes it tough on the opposing quarterback. They do a good job with their blitz packages overall. They’re a very tough defense to get ready for in a short week.” – Gailey on what challenges Miami’s defense poses to his offense

“They put pressure on quarterbacks and they do it through a variety of looks and blitzes and especially on a short week it’s not an easy thing to prepare for. These guys come from everywhere and we’ve really got to be sharp in terms of putting in the film time and the scheme’s a little different but we’re familiar with most of the players there just from playing them. I was in Cincinnati with Coach (Kevin) Coyle and we’ve played Cincinnati the last few years and there are some similar concepts there. So it’s not like anything we’ve never seen before and it’s not completely foreign but certainly it’s going to be a difficult task for us.” – Bills quarterback on preparing for the Dolphins’ 4-3 scheme

“He’s always tough to go against because he’s such a big, physical guy and he really likes to bump. He’s doing a good job and he’s a guy we’ve played in the past and are familiar with and the biggest thing is going to be to try to handle whatever they throw at us with the pressure and being able to get the ball to my guys to where they can make plays and make the run after the catch.” – Fitzpatrick on Miami cornerback Sean Smith and the secondary
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