Words From The Opposition, 11/7

Posted Nov 7, 2012

It's that time of the week again when we get to hear some words from the opposition and in this case what's on the minds of the Tennessee Titans.

“They’re playing well and I think they’re playing consistent and not allowing a lot of points. I think they’re allowing like 18 or 19 points (18.6) and are one of the tops in the league and that’s similar to what we did last year, which allows you to win any football game. If you can keep the other team down under 20 points a game that’s accomplishing a lot, especially in their first year with a new head coach and new coordinators. The defense is responding well to them, they’re getting good pressure on the quarterback, they’re getting sacks and they’re playing good, solid defense. Even if teams move the ball a little bit and make a play here or there they’re doing a great job in the red zone of making teams kick field goals. I think they’re one of the tops in the league at that, so the defense is doing exactly what you hope, which is to keep allowing you to win every football game.” – Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak on Miami’s defense

“I just think that he knows the system very well. That’s a rare thing to have a rookie quarterback come out and have him be coached by his head coach who is now his coordinator. So that helped I think with his progress as far as how well he’s playing only eight games in. I know he’s had a couple injuries but he’s done a nice job managing the game, he runs and gets out of the pocket well and he can move. He can do a lot of things but he has a great understanding of what they’re asking him to do and I think the coaches are doing a good job of not putting too much on his plate and asking him to do too much. He has Reggie Bush in the backfield and that allows you to run the ball and they create an identity by doing that pretty well with Reggie and the things he can do when he gets the ball in his hands. Again, when the defense keeps you in games you’re not asking the quarterback to drop back and win every week for you and I think that’s been a big plus that they haven’t gotten behind.” – Munchak on Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the challenges he presents

“They’re just a sound team and really disciplined as far as staying in their gaps and it’s a situation where we’re going to have to stay on the field and execute our plays. I just need to stay on my reads, stay patient and not try to take the big play all the time and if we continue to run the ball I think I’ll be all right. Anytime you face a good defense or a number one defense in the league in something you take that as a challenge. They’re doing good right now stopping the run and haven’t allowed a 100-yard back in 22 games over the last two seasons so I take that as a challenge and hopefully it will be a good game.” – Titans running back Chris Johnson on facing a run defense in Miami’s that is ranked third in the NFL.
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