Coach Philbin: The Intensity Level Picked Up A Notch

Posted Sep 2, 2013

Head coach Joe Philbin meets with the media for the first time since the team's final roster cuts this past weekend, which set the 53-man roster for the beginning of the 2013 season.

(Opening Statement) – “You know we had a difficult weekend in terms of a lot of guys we had to make some roster moves. Good people, guys that have worked their tails off, a lot of them since April 15th, since the offseason program began. Obviously all the moves we make we feel like are in the best interest of the football team, but we certainly want to wish those guys well.”

(On the mindset behind keeping 11 defensive backs on the roster) – “We take in a variety of factors, on every single decision in regards to the roster, and that’s just today the way we felt we had to go.

(On if he feels comfortable with four wide receivers on the roster) – “I like the guys that we have and I’m confident in their ability.”

(On the vibe he received from the guys after their first regular season practice) – “I thought the energy was good, it was one of our hotter days that we’ve had, at least early in the practices, I think the heat index was about 106. I thought we had a good crisp practice and I think the attention to detail and the intensity level was picked up a notch.”

(On if there was an extra pep in their step with regular season starting) – “Yeah, we shared with them some quotes that they made a year ago, in regard to what it’s like to play in a season opening game in the National Football League. I thought their practice today showed that.”

(On Lamar Miller being the starting running back) – “Well we are going to release our depth chart later this afternoon, but we still have a full week of preparation. Today is Monday we’re not playing a game for six days, and we’ll see how things go.”

(On how Dion Jordan will be used this week) – “That’s to be determined, we haven’t made as you guys are well aware, we take the week to evaluate. We have a plan in place, we’ve been game planning Cleveland since we saw the schedule. We’ll see how it goes throughout the course of the week, but nothing is finalized yet in terms as how we’re going to use him.”

(On if he is set on the 53-man roster) – “We feel good about the guys in the room. We talked to the guys in the room, and I want to say that we had 38% transition rate from a year ago, today from last year’s team. That’s a pretty high transition, we’re very confident in the group of men that we have in the room. As you guys know though, things change in the national football league for a variety of reasons. “

(On any extra premium put on ending post season drought with the new acquisitions) – “I talk to the team about everything we’ve done, every decision we’re making this week, every decision we’ve made up to this point in time is to get our guys ready to play at 1:02 p.m. September 8th, when we go to Cleveland, Ohio. That’s where we are right now. We’re not into expectations around, we’re into preparing, having a great week, knowing our plan and playing as well as we can in Cleveland. “

(On if it was a plan or coincidence to keep all of the draft picks) – “No, again, there was a lot of thought and deliberation into who the 53 guys were going to be and that’s just how it ended up.”

(On if all players are available for special teams) –“It’s a critical play in football, the coverage, we’re going to use whoever we feel is going to be the best to help us pin the opponent down. Whoever that maybe.”

(On if he has ever coached in the “Dog Pound” before, any certain memories) – “Yes, I believe so. I don’t remember anything specific about it to be honest with you.”

(On what he saw in Tyler Clutts) – “We liked his toughness, he’s a guy that takes people on square and keeps his pads flat. One of the things in blocking, we’ve been emphasizing for all of our players is keeping their eyes up, keeping their shoulders square and their pads flat. Our evaluation was that he does some of those things well.”

(On fullback learning curve) – “He seems like a bright eager guy, as you guys know he’s been here a very brief period of time, so we’ll have to see how that is. He seems eager.”

(On who will start along the defensive line) – “Like I said, we haven’t really decided yet, we have practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday a walk through Saturday. We’re going to finalize our play time at the end of the week.”

(On how he plans to rotate players) – “I think that varies from player to player. In an ideal world, we’d want to keep our guys fresh and we’d love to substitute if the situation dictates that.”

(On rational behind practicing Tuesdays and taking Thursday off) –“We kind of studied it, we thought this was the best way to prepare our team for this game. Obviously we know we have an extra practice day, and we felt like they were off for two days, we could have three days of good hard work, give them a day off, let them try and catch their breath a little bit and finalize things at the end of the week.”

(On if team will return to Tuesdays off next week for the regular season) – “You know, we haven’t made that decision, we’ll keep our options open.”

(On if Pat Devlin’s performance vs. the Saints factored into choosing three quarterbacks) – “It certainly was part of it. Pat’s been with us for a while and there’s a body of work that was greater than just what he did in that particular ball game, but that was certainly part of it.”

(On makeup of practice squad) – “There was some difficult decisions, and fortunately we were able to keep some of the guys who have worked their tail off for us for a good bit of time. I think they have a future, and we’re optimistic about their development and their growth and it’s a good group.”

(On importance of fast start to the season) – “We’re doing everything in our power to prepare the team as well as we possibly can to play this one game against Cleveland. Then we’re going to circle the wagons and huddle up, and get ready to go from there. Every time we get an opportunity, we talked to the team this morning, it’s a privilege to play in a National Football League game, or coach in one of those games, and we want to take full advantage of it, and play as well as we can on Sunday.”

(On mindset of keeping four wide receivers on active roster) – “We didn’t go in with any preconceived notions that we were going to keep five or six or four for that matter. As we looked at the team as a whole, we felt this was the way to go.”

(On if he feels vulnerable at wide receiver) – “Not necessarily, we have what we have right now, and we’re good with what we have.”

(On the observed strides he’s seen Ryan Tannehill show this preseason) –“I think his play speeds gotten better, throughout the course of the offseason and the preseason as well. Obviously, that’s going to be important, starting fast, we talked to the team again about playing fast when we go on the road. On the road you can’t have hesitation or confusion at any stretch, you have to just play fast and decisive and that applies to him as well as the rest of the team.”

(On if he’s come to any conclusion about the running back position) – “I thought those guys both had a very good preseason. I like both of them, I like the way they play, I like the way they practice, and I’m confident they’re both going to see a lot of playing time.”