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Top Quotes | Media Availability - December 19

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, tackle Terron Armstead, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins and safety Jevon Holland met with the media on Monday as the team faces off against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Dec. 25. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.


(On if he's relieved the team plays a home game this week after three straight on the road)
"I wouldn't say it's a relief. The point of that – we knew exactly what that trip was going to be like. We knew what those three games against good opponents, we knew it was a challenge and we were kind of excited for that challenge. We know exactly what we ended up doing in those three games. That definitely wasn't the desired outcome, but at the same time, what I'm talking to the team about and what I think is very important that I really, really truly believe deep down to my core, is that if you're going to lose football games, you should get something out of it. I do think – just moving forward, to make yourself better and to make that purposeful. I was very, very proud of the effort. I was very proud of the lack of excuses that were made by the locker room, the players, the coaches, in general, because now that I can talk about it in the open, yes, that is difficult – for sure. Time zone switches. But everybody has to go through their own stuff. I thought they approached it with a severity enough to get something out of it, because if you go half in or utilize excuses and you lose, it doesn't really – you can just say, 'OK, we'll turn it up,' and then you don't really get anything out of it. I don't see – that's not to say that I see it as, I don't know. I said something about asterisks last week about there's no asterisks in the win-loss column about inclement weather. There's also no asterisks for moral victories. So I'm not necessarily saying that as much as I'm saying that I think we allowed ourselves to utilize every experience because of our intent and our commitment moving forward, and if we choose to do it and if we execute all the things that we haven't and utilize those experiences, we'll look back and say, 'Those were very beneficial, and that's the point. Because when you go all in and guys really put forth their best effort under some challenging circumstances, human nature is to kind of, '(sighs) Here we go again.' But I'm very confident in the human beings on the coaching staff, in the human beings in the locker room, that we'll be happy to play another game. We love our home venue, but it's not exactly like, 'Oh, finally. We're home.' It's more that we need another opportunity to play football because it's a bad taste that you want to try to get rid of."

(On how he felt QB Tua Tagovailoa bounced back in the Buffalo game)
"This game was really cool for me, because I had complete faith in where he was going to go. I think it took a couple games; he identified exactly what was kind of holding him back to a degree. Again, it wasn't by a longshot, him, that was the reason for losing. That's a collective thing. Or offensive efficiency, that's a collective thing and all the skill positions know where they played a part in it. But what to me, that I see that is so unique about Tua, what he was able to do is identify something that he could control. And in this particular game, I saw him completely correct the things that I thought were really holding him back in the two previous (games). It's a very rare thing to do in sports is to have control. Really just the strength, the mental strength, it takes to harbor all the pressure, all of, really, how people just will undress every single play or really hold you incredibly responsible or have a narrative flip in two games after playing however many – it's a lot. And I think not too many people are built for that. I think we're seeing a young player that is exhibiting – that game against Buffalo, he was exhibiting some of the things that I think make him so unique and why I feel so fortunate to coach him because he learned from the two previous games and was able, in live speed, to directly attack those. I think, case in point, there was a sack in the, I think it was the first quarter, down by the 12-yard line, that he, in-game, recognized that he hung on, No. 1, a little too long, and then because of that kind of missed two and three; which in the two previous games, it would have really, really affected how he played moving forward. It kind of reminded me of the Baltimore moment, to be honest, where he identified, 'Oh, I'm forcing something,' and then immediately has the mental fortitude to go back and persevere. There was another one in the third quarter, I believe the first drive of the third quarter, where he's dropping back and he's hanging on (Jaylen) Waddle for a quick route, and they're not on the same page, which, in the heat of the moment, you could either do one or two things – you can get down on yourself because you didn't anticipate what he was doing, or you can get down on Waddle, or you can move on to the next play. It was a throw that got batted down directly, like a Dikembe Mutombo swat. The very next play, he threw a 67-yard touchdown."


(On why the run game was effective at Buffalo)
"The run game is always a combination of things, and really a combination of everybody being on the same page – o-line, timing, running backs, landmarks, reads by receivers, blocking perimeter, all those things. I think we did a great job of just locking in really and trying to emphasize on the importance of the run game and how it directly relates to the passing game."


(On his process for getting prepared each week)
"Yeah, I've always been a very routine-oriented person, but I've kind of taken it to another level each year, just as I learn my body, understand what works for me, what doesn't for me, my sleep schedule, my workout schedule, things like that. You pretty much know where to find me any day at any point based off my routine, because it doesn't really change. There's times where you might need a little wrinkle if there's burnout or if it's getting too tedious. But for the most part, just so I know that I'm a sharp as I need to be and everything all the work gets done that I need to get done week-in and week-out, the schedule, the routine pretty much remains the same."


(On how much time is spent thinking about the playoffs right now)
"I mean we're about to go play Aaron Rodgers. I played Tom Brady last year. We're about to play Aaron Rodgers, who has been in the league for years and arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play. So what more do you have to focus on? This is a huge challenge, especially for me. This is Aaron Rodgers that we're talking about. It's AR-12. He's the guy. I'm excited. Definitely. It's Aaron Rodgers, bro. Discount double-check. The whole cheese head thing. Playoffs are playoffs. I've never been to the playoffs so I wouldn't know. But it's going to be what it is. That's my mindset. I've just got to focus on what I can focus on and what I can control, and what I can control is today, right now, and focusing on how to slow down Aaron Rodgers. That's all we can do. Playoffs is going to be what they are."

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