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Club Experience

Graphic: Icon - Plastic Between Guests And Employees

Plexiglass partitions have been added to all common areas

Graphic: Icon - Upgraded Air Conditioning To Kill Germs

We have made the necessary updates to our air filtration in all stadium spaces to ensure the highest quality of air

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Our dedicated staff will be continually cleaning and sterilizing all high touch surfaces throughout the game

Graphic: Icon - Personal Food Attendant

For LIV Cabanas and LIV Couches, there will be cocktail servers to deliver your beverages to your seat

Graphic: Icon - Mobile Food Ordering

All guests will be able to utilize concession stands as well as in-app mobile food ordering for pick up

Graphic: Icon - No More DJ During Games

Club LIV will no longer have a DJ

Graphic: Icon - No More Standing Room Only Seats

There will no longer be standing room only

Seats outside of LIV will not have access to LIV space

Graphic: Icon - Masks Required For All Guests And Staff

Masks will be required at all times, except when actively eating or drinking

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Alcohol will stopped being served at the end of half time

LIV will close 60 minutes after the final whistle

Entry Time and Gate Changes

Entry Time and Gate Changes

Entry Time and Gate Changes

Stadium entry times will be staggered to avoid a large influx of fans at the gates. Please check your ticket for your specific entry time.

If you typically use the East gate as your point of entry, please note that you will now be required to enter through the North or West gate. The East Gate will only be open to those who meet the ADA requirements.