Football Operations

Athletic Training

  • Kyle Johnston Head Athletic Trainer
  • Troy Maurer Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Naohisa Inoue Assistant Athletic Trainer


  • Joe Cimino Equipment Manager
  • Charlie Thiele Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Steve Guida Equipment Assistant
  • Jon Swede Equipment Assistant

Football Administration

  • Brandon Shore Senior Director, Football Administration
  • Joe Vitt Senior Director, Football and Player Development
  • Clyde Christensen Director, Football and Player Development
  • Matt Sheldon Director, Football Research and Strategy
  • Brian Fleury Director, Football Research
  • Dennis Lock Director, Analytics
  • Tom Pasquali Coordinator, Football Administration/ Strategic Planning
  • Harrison Freid Personnel Assistant
  • Max Mulitz Football Analyst
  • Annie Berger Executive Assistant/Football Operations
  • Irma Gonzalez Executive Assistant/Football Operations

Football Support

  • Scott Bullis Senior Director, Team Operations
  • Drew Brooks Director, Team Security
  • Kaleb Thornhill Director, Player Engagement
  • Matt Langer Manager, Team Operations
  • Yves Batoba Coordinator, Player Engagement
  • Stuart Weinstein Team Security

Player Personnel

  • Adam Engroff Director, College Scouting
  • Anthony Hunt Director, Pro Personnel
  • Terry Bradway Senior Scout
  • Ron Brockington National Scout
  • Matt Winston National Scout
  • Chris Buford College Scout
  • Chase Leshin College Scout
  • Lenny McGill College Scout
  • JP McGowan College Scout
  • Grant Wallace College Scout
  • Max Gruder Pro Scout
  • Chris Rossetti Pro Scout
  • Andy Howell Pro Scout
  • Minh Luu Player Personnel Coordinator
  • J.P. Correia  Scouting Assistant

Sports Performance

  • Wayne Diesel Director, Sports Performance
  • Mike Wahle Manager, Skills Development
  • Adam Lachance Coordinator, Sports Science

Training Facility Operations

  • Edwin Lamour Director, Grounds
  • John Nessl Facility Security
  • Craig Ferguson Senior Facility Engineer
  • Mark Mroczkowski Assistant Head Groundskeeper
  • Ferdinand Titre Engineering Assistant
  • Hubert Fertil Housekeeping
  • Valerie Tucci Receptionist


  • Mike Nobler Video Director
  • Dane Chester Assistant Director, Video
  • Ninno DePatrick Video Assistant
  • Brian Regan Video Assistant


Business Operations


  • Matt Taylor Senior Director, Football Communications
  • Theresa Garner Senior Manager, Corporate Communications
  • Brett Brecheisen Manager, Football Communications
  • Renzo Sheppard Manager, Football Communications
  • Sydney Wade Coordinator, Communications

Community Affairs and Youth Programs

  • Leslie Nixon Senior Director, Community Affairs
  • RaShauna Hobbs Director, Youth Programs and Camps
  • Ann Hake Senior Manager, Youth Programs and Camps
  • Troy Drayton Manager, Youth Programs
  • Twan Russell Youth Programs Ambassador
  • Ashley Gillis Manager, Community Relations
  • Callie Newbanks Coordinator, Special Teams

Content and Creative

  • Surf Melendez Managing Director, Content and Creative
  • Jon Willey Senior Director, Design and Photography
  • Will Posthumus Director, Creative & Video
  • Jeff Griffith Senior Producer
  • Jeff Nguyen Senior Manager, Creative and Photography
  • Leon Gonzalez Manager, Video Content
  • Aryel Rivero Manager, Creative Production
  • Jordan Sims Senior Videographer/Editor
  • Tre Freeman Videographer/Editor
  • Tom Frenette Videographer/Editor
  • Jim Wolak Videographer/Editor
  • Brett Yanick Videographer/Editor
  • Logan McCall Video Producer
  • Brandon Moore Graphic Designer
  • Yuliya Shumilina Digital Designer
  • Pete McMahon Coordinator, Photography
  • John Congemi Multimedia Host

Corporate Partnerships

  • Dana Geary Senior Director, Partnership Activation
  • Ari Mark Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Surena Ebrahimi Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Christina Epling Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Ben Bianchi Senior Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Brian Saal Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Wincy Wong  Senior Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Goyo Perez Manager, Corporate Partnerships
  • Kelley Newman Manager, Business Solutions Insights and Analytics
  • Allie Chierici Account Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Steve Postma Account Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Bernard Richardson Account Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Rob Woodbury Account Manager, Partnership Activation
  • Oskar Cadena Coordinator, Partnership Activation
  • Amanda Cozze Coordinator, Partnership Activation
  • Briana Sanchez Coordinator, Partnership Activation
  • Katie Foreman Coordinator, Sales and Client Development
  • Brenda Li Coordinator, Business Solutions Insights and Analytics

Digital Media

  • Vince Pannozzo Director, Digital Content
  • Scott Stone Editor, Digital and Print Media
  • Eric Todoroff Manager, Digital Media
  • Stuart Drew Coordinator, Social Media

Finance and Administration

  • Marcus Bach-Armas Senior Director, Legal and Government Affairs
  • Michael Geraci Senior Director, Finance Operations
  • Kristin Hingston Director, Digital and Historical Affairs
  • Brian Patullo Director, Finance and Accounting
  • Dionne Harris Senior Manager, Accounting
  • Craig Heil Manager, Accounts Payable
  • Karen Khaleel Manager, Accounts Payable
  • Brandon Briggs Coordinator, Legal Affairs
  • Stephanie Burgos Payroll Coordinator
  • Jake Levine Business Analyst
  • Max Segal Business Analyst
  • Michel Lopez Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Bryce Zimmer Senior Accountant
  • Brooks Perry Staff Accountant
  • Jonathan Rego Staff Accountant
  • Anita Barton Executive Assistant to Vice Chairman, President & CEO
  • Gayle Baden Executive Assistant, Communications, Community, & Foundation
  • Katie Bielskis Executive Assistant, Human Resources and Administration
  • Laura Mazzali Executive Assistant, Stadium Renovation
  • Rebecca Wright Executive Assistant, CCO and CMO

Human Resources

Information Technology

  • Alexander R. Corris Senior Director, Football Systems
  • Joe Curbelo Director, Technology Services and Compliance
  • Ray Pimienta Director, Business Systems
  • Tomas Ruiz Director, Broadcast Operations
  • Juan Basto Manager, Telecommunications
  • Carlos Olivares Manager, Enterprise Systems
  • Heather Pearson Manager, Broadcast Distribution
  • Rao Bandarupalli Business Intelligence Architect
  • Michael Perodeau Event System, Technical Project Manager
  • Carl Harris Database Architect
  • Danny Vazquez System Administrator
  • Anthony Igelsias Network Support Specialist
  • Brian Dougherty Broadcast Operations Technician
  • Doug Erwin Broadcast Operations Technician
  • Josh Pritzker Network and System Support Technician
  • Patrick Oliver Coordinator, Help Desk
  • Keri Seiple Administrative Assistant


  • Dorie Grogan Senior Director, Entertainment and Brand Impact
  • Patrick Arthur Director, Marketing
  • Katherine Milliken Director, Entertainment and Brand Impact
  • Jamie Quadrozzi Senior Manager, Cheerleaders and Military Engagement
  • Ana Cook Manager, Alumni Relations
  • Christie Bonk Manager, Special Events
  • Alex Parker Manager, Digital Marketing
  • Cassy Congemi Coordinator, Project Management
  • Karli Kadlecek Coordinator, Project Management
  • Lauren Kelly Coordinator, Marketing
  • Kelly Heinle Coordinator, Events and Entertainment
  • Brandon Hernandez Coordinator, Entertainment & Event Operations
  • Sydney Williams Coordinator, Entertainment & Special Events

Miami Dolphins Foundation

  • Amanda Chase Director, Business Operations
  • Will Leahy Senior Manager, Operations and Logistics
  • Jerry Andrew Program Manager, Foundation
  • Erika Favors Program Manager, Foundation
  • Brittany Leahy Manager, Marketing
  • Abbey Sutton Manager, Fundraising
  • Amber Brunson Coordinator, Foundation
  • Pedro Penaherrera Coordinator, Operations

Sales and Membership Services

  • Dave Baldwin Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
  • Ben Roller Vice President, Marketing Analytics
  • Jamie Weinstein Senior Director, Membership & Premium Service
  • Moni Gerbini Director, Ticket Sales
  • Ron Hecht Director, Premium Sales
  • Dave Mack Director, Group Sales and Special Events
  • Kat Malara Director, Membership Services
  • Kyle Mockler Director, Ticket Operations
  • Brendan Boyle Senior Manager, Business Development
  • Jarett Grushka Senior Manager, Suite Services
  • Wes Serrato Senior Manager, Ticket Operations
  • Evans Adonis Manager, Group Sales
  • Patrick Berishaj Manager, Suite Sales
  • Christina Cathcart Manager, Ticket Operations
  • Danielle Marks Manager, Ticket Sales Events & Administration
  • Nolan O’Connor Manager, Membership Development
  • Brandon Plinto Manager, Membership Development
  • Ephraim Perez Manager, CRM
  • Kenny Stolberg Manager, Suite and Luxury Service
  • Kathy Garcia Account Manager, Luxury Membership Services
  • Shannon Corrigan Account Manager, Event Sales
  • Melissa Darusz Account Manager, Event Sales
  • Mariela Fuentes Account Manager, Special Events
  • Dustin Campbell Account Manager, Premium Sales
  • Nick Gordon Account Manager, Premium Sales
  • Bobby Meehan Account Manager, Premium Sales
  • Andre Price Account Manager, Premium Sales
  • Adam Romano Account Manager, Premium Sales
  • Drew Lieberman Sales & Marketing Business Analyst
  • Thomas Eugene Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Todd Rhinehart Senior Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Haydon Dotson Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Scottie Frisina Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Alex Green Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Robert Horvitz Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Josh Keller Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Nick Maldonado Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Tim Sozio Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Megan Weinberg Account Executive, Group Sales
  • Philicia Douglas Account Executive, Business Development
  • Carly Furr Account Executive, Business Development
  • Hannah Gordon Account Executive, Business Development
  • Kirsten Hilbert Account Executive, Business Development
  • Ryan Lee Account Executive, Business Development
  • Mitch MacDonald Account Executive, Business Development
  • Riley McMinn Account Executive, Business Development
  • Nathan Medrano Account Executive, Business Development
  • Ellie Melanson Account Executive, Business Development
  • Ryan Messina Account Executive, Business Development
  • Mason Minnich Account Executive, Business Development
  • Codey Musselman Account Executive, Business Development
  • Zac Pallissard Account Executive, Business Development
  • TJ Schepperly Account Executive, Business Development
  • Kevon Barrington Coordinator, Ticket Operations
  • Sarah Lang Coordinator, Ticket Operations
  • Alli England Coordinator, Sales
  • Raymond Rondez Coordinator, CRM
  • Marcela Orjuela Senior Membership Services Representative
  • Jackie Bergen Membership Services Representative
  • Andrew Duke Membership Services Representative
  • John Gandy Membership Services Representative
  • Alexa Glover Membership Services Representative
  • Kytra Hunter Membership Services Representative
  • Bryce Jackson Membership Services Representative
  • Tom Lyons Membership Services Representative
  • Lindsey Marlin Membership Services Representative
  • Michael McClimans Membership Services Representative
  • Allison Rosa Membership Services Representative
  • Scott Schneider Membership Services Representative

Hard Rock Stadium


  • Rick Schaffer Chief Engineer
  • Todd Ellzey Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Roger Reinsvold HVAC Mechanic
  • Chris Bare HVAC Technician
  • Jason Moody Mechanic
  • Greg Gastiaburo Electrician
  • Richie Harris Electrician
  • Bill Woessner Plumber
  • Simon Blucher Maintenance Worker
  • Eugene Raymonvil Maintenance Worker
  • Ron Reely Maintenance Worker
  • Pete Rizzo Maintenance Worker


  • Tom Wilson Head Groundskeeper
  • Tim Collins Assistant Head Groundskeeper
  • Sergio Canales Groundskeeper
  • Drew Gilmore Groundskeeper
  • Clive Williams Groundskeeper

Guest Experience

  • Bill Galante Vice President, Guest and VIP Services
  • Anthony Mozzicato Director, Guest Experience
  • Hayle Krigel Manager, Guest Experience
  • Deandra Saunders Manager, Guest Experience
  • Carl Decatrel Coordinator, Guest Experience
  • Johany Peralta Guest Experience Specialist
  • Allison Segal Guest Experience Specialist


  • Marcello Essabba Director, Housekeeping
  • James Altidor Senior Manager, Housekeeping
  • Fernando Gambirazio Senior Manager, Housekeeping
  • Elena Pasat Manager, Housekeeping
  • David Fabian Manager, Housekeeping
  • Derrik Brookins Housekeeping Day Supervisor
  • Diane Hidalgo Administrative Assistant


  • Todd Staley Vice President, Stadium Construction
  • Joe Cicini Senior Director, Security
  • Frank Losito Director, Operations
  • Alan Riano Director, Parking
  • Donald Rubio Senior Manager, Parking Operations
  • Joss Cange Manager, Stadium Security
  • Ryan Labell Manager, Stadium Operations
  • Merrell Higer Manager, Parking Operations
  • Heidi Alfassa Office Manager
  • Morgan Cole Coordinator, Stadium Operations
  • Bill Tone Mail Attendant
  • Tommy Bell Set-Up Crew Supervisor
  • Withfield Blucher Set-Up Crew
  • Eddie Brown Set-Up Crew
  • Devon Fletcher Set-Up Crew