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Blake Ferguson: The Sniper Mentality

DNA Extraction proves beneficial in a multitude of areas including forensics, ancestry tracking, genetic engineering, and in the case of the Ferguson family…long snapping ability! While big brother, Reid, may have set the tone, Blake Ferguson has clearly flexed his long snapping genetics, helping the LSU Tigers to a National Championship in 2020, being selected by the Miami Dolphins in the sixth round of the NFL Draft later that year, and executing precision snaps for each kick Dolphins All-Pro Kicker Jason Sanders made last season.

In The Tank, Blake discusses the important, but nearly anonymous role of an NFL Long Snapper, the Ferguson family scouting prowess and white board heroics, and the After The Snap podcast Blake and Reid recently launched. Speaking of scouting, Blake also shares the first five active Dolphins players he would draft if starting a basketball team and sheds some perspective on living life as a Type 1 Diabetic.

Contributors to this episode include Sean "DJ Prec" Todd and Dolphins Productions.

Theme song created and performed by The Honorable SoLo D.