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Jason Cole: I Pushed Hard

Jason Cole is a Pro Football Hall of Fame selector who has covered the NFL since 1992, when he began as a Miami Dolphins beat reporter for the Sun-Sentinel. In addition to the Sentinel, he has worked for The Miami Herald, Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report, and Fansided, where he served as Editor in Chief. Cole has authored or co-authored seven books, including his most recent project, Elway: A Relentless Life. In The Tank, Jason shares some of his favorite Zach Thomas stories, reveals the events that led to Gene Atkins taking a shot at him in the Dolphins locker room, provides his side of the story of Jimmy Johnson's expletive-filled rant following one of his articles, and how he reacted to it, and tries to justify why he is releasing a John Elway book on Dan Marino's birthday.