Audio - Fish Tank

Ronnie Brown: Offering Hope

Former Dolphins running back, Ronnie Brown, dives into The Fish Tank for the first time since his March 12, 2019 groundbreaking appearance. The number two overall pick of the 2005 draft played six of his 10 NFL seasons in Miami, helping to bolster the Fins rushing attack, and famously executing the Wildcat offense to perfection. Today, Ronnie makes an impact as a Financial Advisor, helping athletes and others with a variety of wealth management services.

In The Tank, Ronnie discusses how watching the movie The Blind Side brought back memories of his own childhood (3:17), as well as his unique connection to actress Chloë Grace Moretz (9:20). He fondly recalls his memorable draft class, beginning with another epic Matt Roth story (21:47) as well as his special friendship with Channing Crowder (26:16). Ronnie goes on to explain where he felt former Dolphins Head Coach Nick Saban struggled (31:43), shares his excitement for the team's new offensive system (37:06), and reveals who in the Brown household is a huge fan of Tyreek Hill (39:34). Finally, Ronnie calls off the Wildcat to orchestrate a textbook Fish Tank Two-Minute Drill (41:07).

Contributors to this episode include Sean "DJ Prec" Todd, Alex Bitchatchi, and Dolphins Productions.

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