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Stanley Pritchett: I'm Just a Fullback

Miami Dolphins Tales From The Deep

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Stanley Pritchett took his talents to an unexpected SEC school upon signing with the University of South Carolina. His decision paid off as he proved to be a dual-threat from the fullback position and ultimately became a member of Jimmy Johnson's first Dolphins draft class when Miami selected him in the fourth round of the 1996 NFL Draft. Pritchett would go on to play four seasons in aqua and orange, many of them leading the way for Karim Abdul-Jabbar.

In The Tank, "Pritch" explains why he chose the Gamecocks over his home-town Georgia Bulldogs (2:12) and surprises Juice and Seth by revealing he is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity (4:01). Stanley goes on to reflect upon his '96 draft class that featured the likes of Abdul-Jabbar, Zach Thomas, Daryl Gardener, Shawn Wooden, and others and recalls how challenging his first training camp was (6:03). He discusses his relationship with former 'Fins fullback Keith Byars (13:24) as well as his nerves entering a Dan Marino huddle for the first time (17:12). To Seth's surprise, Pritch reveals he was unaware of several records he set in early games against two AFC East rivals (20:14), but vividly recalls his "welcome to the NFL" moment given to him by former Dolphins' enforcer turned Chicago Bear, Bryan Cox (28:56). This all-purpose fullback stays on the field to wrap up the episode with The Fish Tank Two-Minute Drill (32:27).

Contributors to this episode include Sean "DJ Prec" Todd and Dolphins Productions.

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