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We invest in you.

Starting with two weeks of training and on-boarding, we transform incoming Representatives with zero to little sales experience into sales professionals. Your full time coach focuses on developing Representatives through every step of the sales process. Representatives will receive training from not only members of the Dolphins leadership team, but also some of the most well respected professional sales trainers in all of sports. We're committed to growing your career… here's what you can expect:

  • Daily sales technique training
  • Bi-weekly 1 on 1 meetings with manager
  • Sales floor coaching and call observation
  • Senior leadership career talks
  • Senior account executive mentorship program (Dolphins Leadership in Training Program)

The Sales Development program is the "feeder system" to our Account Executive teams and has promoted 100 people in the last 6 seasons. Of those 100, 10 have since been promoted to leadership roles within the sports industry.

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