MEM215_Membership Season Relocation Graphics2

Please see below for important reminders and tips for selecting seats in our reduced capacity stadium:

  • Use one of the supported browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Seats are only available in pods and must be selected as a whole pod (i.e., if a location is available for four seats, you must select all four seats).
  • Pods will be available in single seats up to six seats
  • If you intend on reselling your tickets, you MUST resell the entire pod
  • Have your credit card ready for checkout

If you are looking to select seats in any of the following sections, please reach out to your Membership service representative, as these locations cannot be selected online:

  • Lifewtr Lounge
  • Cornerstone Club
  • Corner Terrace
  • LIV Mezzanine
  • 72 Club
  • Field Club Box
  • Theater Box
  • Loge Box

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to select your temporary seats for the 2020 season in our reduced capacity stadium.

Please print or have in a separate window during your seat selection time by clicking the button below.

To select your seats during your designated time, please click the button below to visit Account Manager.