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Secure Digital Ticketing FAQs

Why don’t I see an “Add to Wallet” button on my mobile device?

The “Add to Wallet” button will be available for your secure digital tickets this July. Please be sure to keep the app updated regularly.

How do I know if I have a ticket?

When you click through to your event, select “view barcode.”

Why am I unable to screenshot my tickets for entry into the stadium?

New this year as a part of our secure digital ticketing platform and to avoid fraud tickets your barcode will automatically update every few seconds making a photo of your ticket an invalid form of entry into the stadium.

What if I do not have a smartphone to access my secure digital tickets?

If you a Miami Dolphins Season Ticket Member and do not have a smartphone please contact your Membership Services Representative to make arrangements for proper entry into the Stadium. If you are not a Miami Dolphins Member please visit the SW Ticket Office on Game day to arrange from proper entry into the stadium.