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How do I access my Member parking?

All Member parking will be made accessible before the start of the season in August. Yellow parking can be accessed digitally through your Miami Dolphins App or Account Manager. All other Member parking will be a physical hangtag and will be mailed to the address on your Account Manager.

How do I purchase Member parking?

Please contact your Membership Service Account Managers.

Where can I park?

Please visit our parking page.

Account and Ticket Management

How do I access my tickets?

Season tickets will be completely mobile and can be accessed through the official Miami Dolphins App or via your online Account Manager portal on any mobile browser. We recommend adding your tickets to the Mobile Wallet in your smartphone prior to gameday allowing for easy entry the day of.

How do I access my invoice?

Your invoice can be accessed online via your Miami Dolphins Account Manager portal under the "Invoice" tab at the top left of your "Home" page

How do I make a payment / update my credit card?

You can make a payment and update your credit card under the "Invoice" tab.

What options do I have if I can't make it to a game?

Donate: If you are unable to attend a game, your tickets can be donated to the Miami Dolphins Foundation via your online Miami Dolphins Account Manager portal. Please note: Donations must be submitted five days prior to gameday.

Transfer: You have the ability to share your tickets with friends, family, clients, or employees via the Miami Dolphins Account Manager portal or Mobile App.

Sell: Resell your tickets via the NFL Ticket Exchange, the Miami Dolphins approved marketplace, where fans can buy and sell verified tickets.

How can I share my tickets with friends, family, clients, or employees?

You can share secure digital tickets via the Miami Dolphins Mobile App (text or email) or via the online Miami Dolphins Account Manager portal (email).

Mobile Discount

How do I utilize my Mobile Member Discount?

For step-by-step instructions on how to utilize your mobile member discount view our mobile wallet page for steps.

Where do I receive my Mobile Member Discount?

You can receive your mobile member discount at select in-stadium food, beverage, and merchandise vendors.

What if I am having trouble receiving my Mobile Member Discount?

Please try the methods below to troubleshoot the Mobile App:

  • Close out of the Mobile App
  • Refresh your QR Code (Pull down on discount cards to refresh)
  • Log out and log back in to the Mobile App
  • If you have a credit card added to your Miami Dolphins Mobile Wallet, please be sure to click the circle on the top right of your payment method to activate it.
  • If you are receiving an error, please visit the closest Membership HQ to speak to a Membership Service Account Manager for assistance.

Game Day

When do gates open and close?

Parking gates open four hours before scheduled kickoff. The first hour will be designated for self-directed parking. After that you will be directed where to park within your assigned lot.

  • Stadium gates open two hours before scheduled kickoff
  • Parking lots will close one hour and a half following the end of the game
  • Stadium Gates will close one hour following the end of the game

Where can I be dropped off / picked up via rideshare?

Lot 22 on 27 Avenue (south of Walmart) allows rideshare pick-up and drop-off during Hard Rock Stadium events

What is the clear bag policy?

Our clear bag policy, can be found on our stadium policy page.

Is smoking allowed at Hard Rock Stadium?

No, we are a smoke free facility. Smoking is not allowed inside or near the stadium

Is cash accepted at the Stadium?

Cash is no longer accepted as a form of payment at Hard Rock Stadium. This includes parking gates, box office, concessions, and retail locations. Cash can be converted into pre-paid Visa gift cards at the following retail locations: South Gate Plaza Team Store, 144 Team Store, 244 Team Store, and 346 Team Store