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Miami Dolphins Announce Armando Basurto as International Fan of the Year

The Miami Dolphins are proud to announce Armando Basurto as their first-ever International Fan of the Year! After an extensive search across the globe, Basurto, a native from Mexico City, emerged as the ultimate embodiment of fan dedication and passion.

With thousands of submissions and months of deliberation, Basurto stood out as a true Fins fan, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and enthusiasm for the Miami Dolphins. As a prominent member of the Dolphins Nation Mexico fan club, Basurto has continuously showcased his fervent support by organizing trips for fellow fans to attend games in Miami and contributing to the growth of the fan community.

Basurto's commitment extends beyond gamedays, as he actively participates in a podcast where he shares his insights and perspectives on the team with positivity and enthusiasm. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in the fan club's social media presence, organizing events, watch parties, and charity initiatives.

Despite facing personal challenges, Basurto's selflessness and dedication to helping others does not waver. His humble demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile exemplify the true spirit of the Miami Dolphins fan base.

As a child, Basurto received a gift that forever changed his life - a Dolphins jacket given to him by someone he admired. This gift opened the door to a team passion that soon became a way of life.

"The Dolphins for me are a synonym of family," said Basurto. "Family isn't always who you are tied to by birth or last name, but rather who you choose to surround yourself with."

Basurto's mission is to welcome every single fan who attends watch parties and give them a place where they can enjoy watching their favorite team, filling his life and others with joy and purpose.

While Basurto was attending what he thought was a routine fan club meeting, he was greeted by former Miami Dolphins wide receiver and Senior Vice President of Alumni Relations, Nat Moore, who congratulated him on becoming the International Fan of the Year.

"I can't believe it," Basurto shared in disbelief. "I had no idea I would be picked, but I am so happy, and it is such an honor!"

As the International Fan of the Year, Basurto will represent the Miami Dolphins at the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit this April. Basurto will have the opportunity to partake in draft weekend activities while proudly donning his fan of the year jersey, symbolizing his unwavering dedication to the team.

"The truth is the Miami Dolphins and all the beautiful sports memories, have given me more than I could ever give back," Basurto said graciously. "Thank you for this honor."

The Miami Dolphins extend their heartfelt congratulations to Mexico City's very own, Armando Basurto and express gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the Dolphins fan community.