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Before doing so, he interviewed for four head-coaching openings around the NFL, a clear testament to the respect he has earned through the years.

As he prepared for the Super Bowl, Flores was front and center for a different kind of interview, the ones with media members looking for him to explain his meteoric rise since he first entered the NFL some 15 years ago as a scouting assistant.

"I would start with the people I've been fortunate to be around," Flores said. "So, first, my parents. I've got two great parents, my mom, my dad. They're strong, confident, they instilled core values in me that I keep with me today: integrity, honor, character, doing things the right way, being honest, telling the truth, working hard. Working hard, that's kind of been my mantra, my mood my entire life."

Those core values Flores learned at an early age have served him well every step of the way, from Poly Prep in Brooklyn, to Boston College, to his time with the Patriots.

Combine that foundation with a sharp mind, and you've got a winning combination, the kind that leads someone to become a head coach at 37 years old.

"He worked his way up the ladder," Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier said. "Nothing was given to him. From his upbringing, as you guys have all read the story, through Boston College, and then working his way up at New England working under one of the greatest coaches in football and having worked with him (Bill Belichick), I know how challenging and hard that can be and it brings out the best in you and Brian thrived."

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