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Miami Dolphins

The Next Chapter

Flores said the thought of becoming a head coach started crossing his mind in 2014, the year the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks to win the second of four Super Bowl titles during Flores' time with the team.

It was Flores who was credited for sending Malcolm Butler into the game in the final minute, just in time for Butler to come up with a game-clinching interception at the goal line.

Even though he interviewed for four teams, Flores said he was in no hurry to become a head coach. Yes, it was a goal, but he was willing to wait a little longer if the circumstances weren't right.

With the Dolphins, he feels those circumstances are what they need to be.

Based on how he got here, the Dolphins got someone who will put in the work and do it the right way.

"He's a very bright, intelligent football coach who cares about people," Mangiero said. "That's what I think is the secret to his success. Like we said from day one, he's going to outwork you. He's going to outwork everybody because he understands at the end of the day putting in the hard work is going to pay off."

It's a lesson Flores learned at a very young age.

Yes, his childhood was challenging in a lot of ways. It also was fulfilling in many ways and, ultimately, it led him to where he is today.

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