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Junior Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders - Parent Info


Registration closes for the current season on Aug. 1, 2020. If you have not officially registered, please do so HERE.

After Aug. 1, 2020, you may submit your name on a waitlist for the 2021 season. In order to be considered for the 2021 season of the Junior Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, you must either be a current Junior Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (JMDC) or from the waitlist. To put your child's name onto the waitlist, please email after Aug. 1. If your child is a JMDC for the 2020 season, you will have the opportunity to register in the winter of 2020. Please check your email for more information.


If registered for the 2020 season, your junior may participate in 5 events*. Two practices (both mandatory)

  • Pregame appearance and performance
  • A private viewing of an official Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders practice
  • And a community service event with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

The community event will be giving back to those in need. Children must be 7+ in order to participate.

Both practices are mandatory to be eligible for the performance. There are no refunds.


All Juniors will participate in two practices with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. Juniors will be divided into age groups, and will have designated coaches. Each group will also have a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader as a coach. You will be able to record the end of practice so your Junior can practice at home.

More info to come.



Juniors should wear T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes to practice (leggings are also permitted). JMDC merchandise is available for purchase and also may be worn for practice. Juniors should wear their uniform for a dress rehearsal.

Game Day:

Signature uniform (replica dress), white sneakers of your choice, socks of your choice (please no knee socks – ankle socks or ruffle socks only), signature poms*, hair off the face – hair/bow of your choice

Community Event:

Please wear a Juniors shirt, the Juniors warmup or a Dolphins shirt.

Please make sure to label pom poms. You can use a hair tie with ribbon or stickers for the inner bar of the pom. You and your daughter are responsible for all uniform items including pom poms. If they are lost, you must pay to have them replaced (if there are any poms available for purchase).


More info coming soon.

Parking passes will be handed out at practice for the Calder Parking Lot.

For anyone unable to attend the game to watch, we do video the game performance.


Parents will drop their Juniors off at a designated helix at a designated time before the game. This will be communicated to parents before the game. The same parent must pick up their Junior from the designated helix just after the performance.


We hope this program provides unique and fun experiences for your Junior Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. Please enjoy these moments with a positive attitude, kindness and excitement. See you at the first practice!