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Three Takeaways From Brian Flores' First Day


1) Man With A Vision

The first intangible that struck me about Brian Flores was his ability to express what he believes in simple terms that everyone can understand. Spending 10 or 15 minutes with a football coach sometimes can lead down multiple paths, talking about schemes or plays that will make a difference between winning or losing. Flores seemed to focus on the human side of things, and his expectations on each individual would be as important as the x's and o's. Getting the best out of the players who will be on this roster is his job, and I believe that he will try and create that atmosphere with his coaching staff as well. That belief ties into his core values that will be set by him, and hopefully will filter down through the staff he assembles this week.

2) Team First Mentality

Everything is ultimately about the team. There is no way getting around that with Brian Flores steering the ship for the Miami Dolphins. If you're a selfish individual and not a selfless player or staff member, look for a new place of employment! Flores is a structured man who has humility, but has zero tolerance for individuals that have their own ways of getting things done. If there's one trait that the New England Patriots have that will now be a point of emphasis here in South Florida, it will be self discipline. On a day-to-day basis, everything that now happens in the football facility will focus on making this team better. That's what the new head coach believes in and you better get on board because even though it's only been one day on the job, this train has already left the station!

3) Simple Core Beliefs

I really don't believe it's going to be hard on the Dolphin players to know what's expected of them when they come back for their first team meetings in the spring. Flores believes in a team that can play physical, trust one another and can get young men to band together as one. He will try to help this roster become the best version of themselves, and he's witnessed this first hand for the last 15 seasons in New England. He will try and build a culture that can have lasting success and hopefully assemble and keep enough talent on his roster that can produce on a consistent basis.

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