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Transcript | Tua Tagovailoa's Media Availability - December 3

Read the full transcript from Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's press conference on December 3, 2023.

On his first touchdown pass to WR Tyreek Hill:

"Yeah, I saw it was a one-on-one matchup. We sorta got the look that we wanted on that play. Not just for Tyreek but for the running back. We got a linebacker to go out with him. They played man and just depending on where that free safety was, we're gonna throw off of him. We liked our matchup with De'Von [Achane], and we also liked our matchup with Tyreek. So happens that he was pushed over more towards De'Von's side and just left Tyreek on that side."

On if he was surprised that Tyreek is still getting that deep on defenses:

"You know, nothing's starting to surprise me anymore in this league. Some people will do what they deem as best for their matchups within their coverages of the defense. You know, sometimes you'll get looks where you've never seen them on film against our team, and it's because it's just specified for our team with how they wanna play us. But, I don't think anything really surprises me. Whether they cover Tyreek, whether they wanna man him. I'm just gonna really make sure that they're covering either him or Jaylen [Waddle] or any of our guys before I start moving on in my progression."

On his film study, and how the Commanders often provide no safety help on one-on-ones:

"Well, I think it is tough for their safety in that instance when you have guys like Tyreek, guys like Jaylen who have one-on-one's and then you put a backer out there with De'Von. I mean, I don't know what you would expect them to do. If you expect them to cover Tyreek's side, then we're gonna throw to De'Von. I mean, we liked our matchups, but it definitely is tough when you go man across the board, and it's press against really fast guys like that."

On what he saw this week from the team in their practice and preparation:

"Yeah, I think everyone is locked in. I think everyone has started to handle their job. Not more seriously, but everyone's starting to do a little more. You see guys staying a little longer, watching film together. Meetings, you know there are no meetings after practices on third down days, you see a lot of position groups meeting and staying back a little longer. We're starting to see a lot of guys staying out on the field a little longer as well. I think that's what Mike [McDaniel] is seeing is everyone knows that we can do something special this year and no one on our team is trying to waste that opportunity."

On the second touchdown to Tyreek:

"On that play, specifically the ball is designated to go at a certain spot with what we tell our receivers. On that play, Tyreek was to expect the ball on the inside edge of the numbers. Now I can bleed him in more, but you know, I try to throw them away from the middle of the field safety. If you go back, it landed on the inside edge of the numbers. Phenomenal, phenomenal job by what Tyreek did. That's tough to do, especially going as fast as he's going. That is tough, it's remarkable."

On not being surprised anymore by Tyreek's ability to track the ball while running full speed:

"You know I wouldn't say with that it's something I have been accustomed to. I still get surprised with the plays that our guys make. But at the same time, everyone has their standard in which they play to. And you know, Tyreek expects to make those kind of plays. You know for me, I expect to make a greater throw. Everyone has great accountability on our team."

On the team's roller-coaster touchdown celebration:

"Oh, that was a 10 out of 10. I loved it. I loved the roller coaster celebration. I think one of the other cooler things too was as we're warming up and as we came out on our sideline, there's just a lot of Dolphins fans. I can't remember an away game where we've had that much support, that much love from our fans. I mean none of that goes unnoticed, and we really appreciate that as players."

On avoiding turnovers and using this game as a model to replicate that going forward:

"Really, I just went out there and played the way I normally play. With, you know, having in the back of my mind certain throws, you know, should you throw it? Should you not throw it? I had to make quick decisions on those. But for the most part, I don't think you can go out there and be timid and expect to push the ball downfield and expect to score points that way. So I just went out there, and literally took what the defense gave me."

On how fun this offense is for him:

"This offense is fun. I think any offense is fun when you're scoring a lot of points. It helps to go out there when you're scoring points. Guys get into rhythm, guys get into the flow of the game. You know, you get the crowd going and everyone just enjoys the success that we all have because of it."

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