Videos - December 2019

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2019-12-01 Albert Wilson Picks Up 28 Yards On Wildcat Run
2019-12-01 Fake Field Goal: Dolphins Score TD From Punter To Kicker
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker Mosses Eagles CB For Second Touchdown
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker Mosses DB For Absurd Fourth-Down TD
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker Beats Eagles CB For 42-Yard Grab
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker Picks Up Critical First Down
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker Makes Spectacular 34-Yard Catch
2019-12-01 Undrafted Rookie RB Patrick Laird Gives Dolphins Lead With First-Career TD
2019-12-01 Chris Lammons Secures Win Intercepting Eagles' Hail Mary Attempt
2019-12-01 Mike Gesicki Goes Up For Sick 14-Yard Touchdown Grab
2019-12-01 Full Game Highlights | Eagles vs. Dolphins Week 13
2019-12-01 Every DeVante Parker Catch From 2-Touchdown Game Against Eagles
2019-12-01 Brian Flores Dolphins-Eagles Postgame Press Conference
2019-12-01 DeVante Parker Dolphins-Eagles Postgame Press Conference
2019-12-01 Ryan Fitzpatrick Dolphins-Eagles Postgame Press Conference
2019-12-01 Ryan Fitzpatrick's Best Throws From Win Over Eagles
2019-12-02 Kyle Van Noy Corrals Deshaun Watson For Third-Down Sack
2019-12-02 Miami Dolphins Kicker Jason Sanders Explains 'Mountaineer Shot' Origin
2019-12-02 Peter Schrager Breaks Down Mountaineer Shot: 'It's The Play Of The Year'
2019-12-02 Dolphins Daily: Eagles vs. Dolphins Recap
2019-12-02 Brian Flores Monday Press Conference Following Eagles-Dolphins
2019-12-02 NFL Experience of a Lifetime
2019-12-03 Danny Crossman Discusses Mountaineer Shot
2019-12-03 Dolphins Daily: Eric Rowe Signs Extension
2019-12-04 Dolphins Daily: Weapons Making Plays
2019-12-04 2016 Week 15: Dolphins at Jets Highlights
2019-12-04 Brian Flores Week 14 Jets Wednesday Press Conference
2019-12-05 Dolphins vs. Jets Preview | Week 14
2019-12-05 Nat Moore Helicopter Catch vs. Jets
2019-12-05 Dolphins Daily: Red Zone Scoring
2019-12-06 Dolphins Daily: Dolphins vs. Jets Preview
2019-12-06 2008 Week 17 | Dolphins vs. Jet Highlights
2019-12-07 NFL All-Time Team: Dwight Stephenson
2019-12-08 DeVante Parker Heads To Locker Room After Outstanding Catch
2019-12-08 Dolphins Stuff Jets' Fourth-Down Attempt Try In Red Zone
2019-12-08 Isaiah Ford Shakes Free For 25-Yard Gain On Third Down
2019-12-08 Steven Parker Picks Off Sam Darnold Pass
2019-12-08 Ryan Fitzpatrick Shows Off Speed On 20-Yard Scramble
2019-12-08 Ryan Fitzpatrick Finds Patrick Laird On Double Move For Big First Down
2019-12-08 Jason Sanders Sets Dolphins Record With Seventh Field Goal
2019-12-08 Brian Flores Dolphins-Jets Postgame Press Conference
2019-12-10 Dolphins Daily: Ford, Laird Stepping Up
2019-12-10 Chad O'Shea Tuesday Press Conference | Dec. 10, 2019
2019-12-10 Patrick Graham Tuesday Press Conference | Dec. 10, 2019
2019-12-11 Dolphins Daily: Ryan Fitzpatrick's Leadership
2019-12-11 Brian Flores Wednesday Press Conference | Week 15
2019-12-12 Davon Godchaux | Walter Payton Man Of The Year Nominee
2019-12-13 Brian Flores Friday Press Conference | Week 15
2019-12-15 Ryan Fitzpatrick Fires Laser For Touchdown To DeVante Parker
2019-12-15 Vince Biegel Picks Off Eli Manning For First Career Interception
2019-12-15 Jerome Baker Picks Off Eli Manning
2019-12-15 Myles Gaskin Bursts For 27-Yard Scamper
2019-12-15 DeVante Parker Catches Second Touchdown Against Giants
2019-12-15 Nik Needham Picks Off Eli Manning To End First Half
2019-12-17 Chad O'Shea Tuesday Press Conference | Dec. 17, 2019
2019-12-17 Patrick Graham Tuesday Press Conference | Dec. 17, 2019
2019-12-19 NFL 100 Greatest Teams No. 1: 1972 Miami Dolphins
2019-12-20 Dolphins Daily: Bengals-Dolphins Preview
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Paul Warfield
2019-12-21 NFL All-Time Team: Don Shula
2019-12-22 Zach Sieler Takes Down Andy Dalton For First Dolphins Sack
2019-12-22 Big Man Touchdown: Christian Wilkins Scores First Career Touchdown
2019-12-22 DeVante Parker Caps Dominant Drive With Touchdown Grab
2019-12-22 DeVante Parker goes Over 1,000 Receiving Yards On 51-Yard Bomb
2019-12-22 Ryan Fitzpatrick Finds DeVante Parker For Third-Down Pickup
2019-12-22 Mike Gesicki Out-Muscles Defender For Second Touchdown
2019-12-22 Ryan Fitzpatrick Fires Slant To Albert Wilson For 35 Yards
2019-12-22 Myles Gaskin Bulldozes Defender For First Career Touchdown
2019-12-22 Ryan Fitzpatrick Puts Dolphins In Red Zone With 28-Yard Strike To Isaiah Ford
2019-12-22 Jason Sanders Makes Game-Winning FG To Beat Bengals
2019-12-22 Every DeVante Parker Catch From Win Over Bengals | Week 16
2019-12-22 Bengals vs. Dolphins Full Game Highlights | Week 16
2019-12-22 Ryan Fitzpatrick's Best Throws From Four-TD Game | Week 16
2019-12-24 NFL 100 Greatest Games, No. 18: 'The NFL's Longest Game'
2019-12-26 Dolphins History: The Wildcat Game
2019-12-26 Dolphins vs. Patriots Preview | Week 17
2019-12-28 NFL All-Time Team: Dan Marino
2019-12-29 DeVante Parker Beats Stephon Gilmore For 28-Yard Completion
2019-12-29 Davon Godchaux Tackles James White For Third-Down Stop
2019-12-29 Eric Rowe Intercepts Tom Brady For Pick-Six
2019-12-29 Dolphins Break Out Trick Play For 20-Yard Gain
2019-12-29 Ryan Fitzpatrick Rushes For Tough Touchdown
2019-12-29 DeVante Parker Gets Airborne On 24-Yard Grab
2019-12-29 Ryan Fitzpatrick Throws Game-Winning Touchdown To Mike Gesicki
2019-12-29 Dolphins vs. Patriots Full Game Highlights | Week 17
2019-12-29 Every DeVante Parker Catch From 137-Yard Game | Week 17
2019-12-29 Brian Flores Dolphins-Patriots Victory Speech
2019-12-30 Brian Flores, Chris Grier 2019 Season Wrap Up Press Conference
2019-12-31 Ian Rapoport: Chan Gailey To Become Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator