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Introducing the 2023 Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year

The Miami Dolphins have officially selected their 2023 Fan of the Year!

South Florida native Chris Barker has been selected as the 2023 Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year. Barker optimizes extraordinary fandom and outstanding team enthusiasm, with the Dolphins superfan attending every home, away, or preseason game for the last 21 years. Moreover, Barker has not missed a single home game since 1997.

Growing up in Broward County, Barker has been a Miami Dolphins fan since he was a child. His all-time favorite Dolphins player is Dan Marino and current favorite player is Jerome Baker.

Ahead of the season, Barker ensures he attends away games by organizing tickets, fights, hotels, and tours in the away team's city. As part of a mother-son tradition, he attends games with his mom.

His deep connection with the team has inspired others, with Barker sharing his love for football by creating a community through social media. He hosts live videos for those who are unable to attend Dolphins games and has grown a following of nearly 6K followers on Twitter.

Barker was named the 2023 Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year in Frankfurt, Germany during the team's international matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. In Germany, Barker attended a Miami Dolphins pub takeover where he was announced as fan of the year. Nat Moore presented Barker with the official fan of the year jersey and invited him on stage to congratulate him. At the game, he was greeted by Miami wide receiver Tyreek Hill and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his recognition as the 2023 Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year.

When asked how it felt to be able to represent the Dolphins at the Super Bowl, Barker replied, "It feels great!"

Barker continues to showcase his love for the Dolphins as a staple of the Fins family and the official 2023 Miami Dolphins Fan of the Year.